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Make meetings more productive

Left unmanaged, public meetings can quickly become echo chambers for the loudest voices.

Use 'meeting mode' to bring more voices to the table, make meetings more interactive, and synchronize responses with your online efforts.

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Build public trust

Trust is eroded when the public engagement process is unclear or inconsistent.

Bring together your online and offline engagement into a single dashboard to provide clarity and increase follow-up.

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Responses Collected

Reach Under-Represented Groups

Left unchecked, a small handful of voices can dominate community conversations.

Use demographic tools to understand who you aren't hearing from, then leverage targeted social and news advertising to engage and our news advertising partners.

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Streamline Comment Analysis

Even when engagement efforts are successful, pulling signal from the noise can be challenging.

Tap the latest machine learning tools like Google Perspective to identify patterns, save staff time, and derive insights from the noise.

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De-Silo Your Engagement Data

Integrated Online & Offline Channels

You engage with the public in more ways than ever before.

Now you can de-silo those approaches to create one source of engagement truth.

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A Powerful, Flexible Framework

From parks, to roads, to community issues - we've got your back.

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