Turn hours of work into minutes with the power of AI.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data analysis. With our GPT Comment Analysis Tool, you can effortlessly analyze, sort, and tag resident responses with just a few clicks.

GPT Comment Analysis Tool

Do It Fast, Do It Right with Comment Analysis & Tagging

Only PublicInput’s GPT Comment Analysis Tool provides state and government agencies with an unmatched level of efficiency and accuracy.


Save Valuable Time

PublicInput's GPT Comment Analysis Tool revolutionizes data processing, eliminating labor-intensive manual tagging.

Make Informed Decisions

AI-powered thematic analysis ensures unparalleled accuracy in extracting meaningful insights from public comments.

Enhance Projects & Initiatives

PublicInput's tool simplifies data analysis, allowing professionals to streamline decision-making processes.

GPT Analysis Tool - Tagging

Identify Key Themes in Resident Comments

Transform the way you approach public engagement data. PublicInput’s AI-powered thematic analysis seamlessly scans, sorts, and tags comments, saving you valuable time.

How PublicInput’s GPT Comment Analysis works:

1. The GPT language model parses through thousands of resident responses, identifying common themes.

2. Automatic generation of tags based on the most prevalent themes.

3. Users have the flexibility to review, edit, and modify tags before application.

4. Post-analysis, users can review and edit tags for enhanced control and accuracy.

Comment Analysis Tagging

Enjoy Efficiency without Compromise

Streamline your workflow and eliminate bias with PublicInput. Manual tagging is laborious, prone to errors, and can introduce biases. In contrast, GPT comment analysis:

Utilizes language models to identify common trends in words and themes (example: identifying words like transportation, pedestrian, or safety as thematic elements).

Processes over a thousand comments within seconds, freeing your time for more critical tasks.

Eliminates any bias stemming from human interpretation.

Guarantees no comment slips through the cracks, enabling you to make confident, data-driven decisions.

Comment Analysis Tagging

Elevate and Enable Your Organization

Tailored for public engagement, community development, and project planning, PublicInput's tool enables effortless extraction of meaningful insights from public comments.

Seamless Workflow Integration
Efficiently integrate AI-powered thematic analysis, enabling your organization to focus on strategic decision-making with improved workflow efficiency.

Deeper Insights, Informed Decisions
Equip your organization to authentically reflect community needs. Enhance public engagement initiatives with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Time-Saving Efficiency
Experience GPT tagging thousands of comments in seconds. Save time, allocate resources effectively, and elevate your organization's efficiency.

Take a Demo of PublicInput’s GPT Comment Analysis Tool

Witness the efficiency as GPT tags thousands of comments in seconds. Empower your team, gain deeper insights, and make impactful decisions backed by the power of AI.

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