Reach Residents Without Having to Be Everywhere at Once

Use the power of community engagement software to engage underrepresented and impacted communities and report findings in a way that increases trust with residents and stakeholders.

Why Transportation Planners Use PublicInput for Community Engagement

⊕ To automatically translate content into hundreds of languages.

⊕ To meet resident engagement needs and preferences.

⊕ To easily capture resident comments and inputs in one place.

Get the word out to those most impacted by your planning projects.

All residents, especially those with Limited English Proficiency, should be able to provide feedback in their native language to increase equity and inclusion. With PublicInput, reaching your non-English speaking target audience just got a whole lot easier for your transportation projects. Our Platform provides multilingual closed captioning without all the hassle and increases equity by keeping Linguistically Isolated Communities informed and allowing them to participate in their native language.

Explore real-time, multi-lingual closed captions →

Lower barriers to public participation.

Different types of residents require different modes of communication. Mobile-friendly websites, paper surveys, text messages, email, virtual town halls, in-person public meetings, to name a few.

Your public engagement process should be focused on meeting resident engagement needs and preferences. PublicInput helps you engage with the most impactful and successful communication approaches, both online or offline, to achieve your desired outcome.

A public meetings solution for in-person and virtual attendees →

Unify your public participation tactics →

Improve operational efficiency.

It’s not uncommon for transportation planners to feel understaffed, and that could largely be due to the fact that current tools are not working holistically, together. Each outreach effort creates a new set of data, and each lives in its own system, folder, spreadsheet, or worse, file cabinet.

Thankfully, PublicInput gives you an organized approach to public participation with a well-defined public participation database.

Simplify the task of public involvement →

Clearly report your findings back to the public.

Increasing public trust starts with following up with participants to share updates and outcomes, be it at the end of the public involvement effort or in phases.

PublicInput reports help you tell a clear and concise story by letting you aggregate comments from all engagement channels, find common themes with comment tagging and analysis, quickly visualize data, share real-time results, and create meeting-ready reports. 

Create dynamic, real-time interactive reports →

Make your data readily available, documented and easy to share.

Having a central source of truth can simplify documentation, report generation, and compliance. With PublicInput, you can ensure accuracy and reduce human error with automated processes, keep data organized in a way that is easy to understand, and automatically document all input and communication.

The single source of truth for community engagement →

See for yourself all of the benefits of the PublicInput Platform.

Discover how a small team at the Genesee MPO used digital civic engagement to scale up participation by 47.5%.

PublicInput Supports Every Community Engagement Need

From participatory budgeting to project conceptualization, government teams like yours are working every day to build relationships through engagement.

Government Communicators

From public affairs to local initiatives and projects, we have the tools government communicators need.


Public Administrators

PublicInput offers your staff scalable community engagement solutions that are right sized to prioritize efficiency, effectiveness, and value.



From project conceptualization to ribbon cutting, our platform helps you bring it all together.


Community Engagement Practitioners

From project conceptualization to implementation, our platform offers engagement managers solutions that are both meaningful and effective.


Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.