Everything You Need,
All In One Community Engagement Platform


Know Who to Reach and How to Reach Them

Make It Easy and Accessible to Engage

A Central Place For All Data, Insights & Action

Measure and Demonstrate Representative Participation

Close the Feedback Loop

Collect detailed community insights with surveys, polls, and SMS texts, automatically synced with report tools and various question formats.
Targeted Email Outreach & Newsletters
Effortlessly create and manage effective email campaigns with centralized tools, ensuring targeted outreach and automated follow-ups.
Social Media
Integrate social media accounts, track comments, and create geo-targeted campaigns.
SMS/Text Messaging
Text reminders, updates, or even simple survey questions using our text/SMS campaign builder.
Voicemail Comments
Add a hotline number to your
project, and anyone who calls in will have their voicemail
comments recorded and transcribed in the system.
QR Codes
Use and track multiple versions of your project pages with custom QR codes to learn which engagement approaches are most effective.
Public Meetings
Provide flexible engagement options for public meetings, hearings, councils, boards, and commissions. Schedule and host meetings in-person, online, or hybrid.
Provide inclusive and accurate multilingual communication with auto-translation, editable translations, localized LastMile translation, and multilingual meeting captions.
Online Public Portal
Where participants can go to learn
about projects and initiatives, engage with surveys, and subscribe to project updates.
Map-Based Tools
With the geo-spacial engagement tools, you can tap into local knowledge to identify and visualize opportunities and challenges specific to the project area.
Reporting & Data Analytics
Smart reports leverage engagement data, crafting visually engaging insights. Visualize, update, share, and edit reports seamlessly for comprehensive data-driven decision-making.
Project Participants Map

Combine powerful government mapping tools with your engagement data to create a visual map of participation with our Equity Mapping tool.

Resident Database (CRM)

With the Resident Database (CRM), you can track participant records over time and create custom participant segments based on demographics, locations, or interests.

Automatic Comment-Coding and Recording
Capture and organize community feedback from multiple channels, including social media, to ensure comprehensive and accessible public input.
Community-Based Organizations Database

Identify and manage relationships with community-based organizations (CBOs) using our extensive database of over 500,000 contacts, integrated CRM, Equity Mapping, and customizable targeting options

GPT Comment Analysis

Our AI Insight builder parses through all your project comments, identifies trends, and generates a “tag cloud” to highlight words and ideas mentioned most frequently in participant comments.

Custom Domains & Page Links
Craft a unique user experience with custom links, domains, and navigation bars.
Enterprise Controls and Customization
Manage access with advanced permission management and tailor your resident database with custom CRM fields.

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