Community Centric Transit Planning

Transit agencies use PublicInput to plan, implement, and support mobility options that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Bus Rapid Transit Study Template

Engage equitably.

Create a standard for public engagement that bridges online and in-person formats to ensure stakeholders and riders have every opportunity to participate in the planning process.


Understand who you’re reaching.

Track and visualize your geographic reach to measure representation and know who you’re engaging with so plans accurately reflect unique needs across your community.

Equity Mapping Product Feature

Deliver plans based in data.

Aggregate feedback with dynamic reporting and AI-assisted analysis tools to deliver insights previously buried in the noise of siloed engagement formats and manual processes.

GPT Comment Analysis Tool

Build deeper relationships.

Understand your rider-base through an integrated Customer Relationship Database (CRM) that serves as a central system of record for projects and people so stakeholders from both your organization and the public grow trust in each other.

Resident Database (CRM)

Transit Agencies That Have Found Success with PublicInput

How Do Transit Planners Use PublicInput for Public Engagement?


Manage Online Engagement and Feedback

Manage project surveys, comment periods, registration forms and email messages in one platform, gaining a comprehensive view of engagement and enhanced data analysis.

Integrate Outreach and Communication

Notify and update riders through their preferred channels, including email, SMS, and social media, eliminating gaps in awareness and ensuring information is consistent and easy to share.

Support In-Person and Virtual Meetings

Facilitate seamless participation and feedback collection during both in-person and virtual public meetings to ensure engagement metrics are accurate and decisions can be made with the complete picture in mind.

Ensure Multi-Lingual Accessibility

Deliver accurately translated information across web, email, sms, and even public meeting live streams with the ability to attribute engagement to different languages.

Track Engagement in Disadvantaged Communities

Identify and target environmental justice communities and other underrepresented areas using integrated GIS layers and participant mapping tools to meet federal funding goals and further equitable investments.

Streamline Analysis and Reporting

Utilize tools such as GPT-powered comment analysis and automated meeting transcriptions to capture comment and survey data within a powerful suite of reporting tools to generate real-time insights that save time and resources.


Learn More About Public Engagement

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.