Work with a certified consultant on your next public engagement project. 

Many government agencies have found themselves thrust into a new era of public engagement. Feel like you don’t know where to start and need a hand? Consider a PublicInput Certified Partner.

Certified Partners are experienced users of our public engagement platform who can hit the ground running on any project.

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Platinum Partners

Certified Partners that meet additional requirements including experience on at least 10 projects.

  • NineteenEleven Consulting, LLC | Kristin Williams
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Silver Partners

Certified Partners that meet additional requirements including experience on at least 2 projects.

  • Adisa Communications | Lakeisha Moore
  • Davey Resource Group | Allison Steere
  • KGB Consultants | Emily Woodell
  • Kim Lundgren Associates | Meddy Smith
  • Metro Analytics | Matt Miller
  • MVP Marketing & Public Affairs | Victoria Pennington
  • Poznecki-Camarillo | John Tiemann
  • RDG Planning & Design | Cory Scott
  • Yehle & Associates, LLC | Camden Yehle
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Certified Partners

Consultants who have trained on the platform and demonstrated competency on at least 1 project.

  • AECOM | Drew Crumpton
  • Amplify Consulting | Christine Edwards
  • CallisonRTKL | Amanda Morrell
  • Catalyst Design | Roberta MK Fox
  • duGard Communications | Amber Valente
  • H2M Associates | Paul Cancilla
  • J. M. Teague Engineering | David Hyder
  • Moffatt Nichol | Amanda Zullo
  • Public Information Associates | Leigh Hornsby
  • Public Participation Partners (P3) | Simone Robinson
  • RDG Planning & Design | Charlie Cowell
  • RK&K | Kim Troiani
  • Somers Jaramillo | Leah Jaramillo
  • Sunrise Engineering | Jeffrey Putzke
  • WSP | Sarah Parkins
  • WSP Canada | Justin Jone
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Consultants who successfully completed our 2022 Annual Certification demonstrating their competency on the PublicInput Platform.

  • AHC Consulting | Colin Dale
  • ATCS | Catherine Hall
  • ATCS | Hannah Ronan
  • ATCS | Lauren Searight
  • ATCS | Michelle Fall 
  • ATCS | Tara Christiansen 
  • ATCS | Tara Fisher
  • CD&P | Caroline Golden
  • CD&P | Kelli Culp
  • Clarion Associates | Emily Gvino
  • David Evans Associates | Chris Cartwright
  • David Evans Associates | Molly Wireman
  • Emspace + Lovgren | Lauren Fischer
  • Flitner Strategies | Ashley Babcock
  • New Reach Community Consulting | Coby Williams
  • Stantec | Daniel Hemme
  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) | Paige Dickerhoof

Find a Certified Partner

Get recommendations on Certified Partners in your area through the Find a Certified Partner form below. Where available, we’ll send a list of partners with relevant experience to include in your evaluation process.

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