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PublicInput was co-founded by Jay Dawkins and Graham Stone, who came together over the shortcomings that exist in the civic engagement efforts, but are essential to successful planning projects. Both having experience in the municipal planning field, they strongly believe that communities across the country are best built on the needs and wants of the people who live there, and that public agencies make the best decisions when armed with the greatest understanding of the people they serve. Yet when the traditional public engagement process is used, the needs of busy, average people go unheard.  PublicInput was started with the goal of giving the average citizen a voice, on their schedule.

Jay recently shared with GrepBeat, “We believe that the next evolution of democracy is more collaborative and built upon consistent, two-way communication as opposed to showing up once every two years and checking the box. Ultimately, every participant in the process has value and information to contribute to decision-making. Our job as a technology is to make sure that that value and information can be transferred between people and government.”


Great Engagement Takes A Long Term Commitment To Building Public Trust

In our work with hundreds of public agencies, we’ve seen many approaches and tactics applied to public engagement. While every community is different, a clear pattern has emerged to create successful engagement outcomes.

Engagement has long been defined by an approach of “throw everything at it and see what sticks”. By applying a thoughtful, deliberate process, local government agencies can reclaim their time and sanity, get better outcomes, build trust and sustained engagement success by following 5 easy steps we have laid out. Click on each of the steps to learn more.

Build and Measure Public Trust

Public trust is built by engaging and re-engaging. Everything we do at PublicInput is to improve relationships between local government agencies and their residents. We do that by being true partners with the agencies we work with — offering best practices and innovative software. We are in this for the long-run, and know you are, too.

Following Up So Residents Feel Heard

A critical step in building public trust is closing the loop with residents. Let residents know that their voices have been heard – and what the next step is – by following up directly via email or text message

PublicInput allows you to create customizable reports to share internally or externally with all stakeholders and residents.

View the Complete Picture

Understanding your residents relies on capturing relevant public input — however your residents choose to participate – be it online or offline, keeping the data organized, and analyzing the data in ways that tell a clear story.

PublicInput allows you to capture resident participation, create resident profiles and analyze the data. This allows you to understand the complete picture from the data collected.

Provide Accessible Engagement Formats

It should be easy for residents to build a relationship with their local government. Engagement formats should include mobile-first design on project websites, surveys, and emails, so you can meet residents where they are, on-the-go. Where smartphone or Internet connectivity is lacking, any survey should easily be able to be converted into SMS mode to provide a seamless experience for all residents.

PublicInput helps you lower the barriers to entry by helping with multi-lingual outreach that is built into every facet of engagement (project websites, surveys, emails, etc) — content can be translated into 100+ languages so everyone can participate in their native language. With two-way translation, staff can quickly assess all comments, no matter the language.

Bring More Voices to the Table

The engagement status-quo empowers a handful of voices to dominate the conversation. Meaningful community engagement needs to consider a representative sample of residents who will be most affected by a given project. To reach beyond the self-selectors, agencies need to build a database of residents. 

PublicInput allows agencies to build a base of engaged residents through targeted outreach. After conducting initial outreach, we help you analyze your participant geography and demographics to understand which areas and groups need additional outreach. With each engagement, you build a database of residents to engage and re-engage with on the issues that affect them the most.

PublicInput is Now Working in 37 states

Today, more US agencies use PublicInput to transform their public engagement process and build public trust by connecting with the communities they serve. PublicInput gives government agencies — and those who work with them — a platform to help with every step of the community engagement process. Learn more about how public agencies are using PublicInput to improve engagement and build public trust in their communities.
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PublicInput believes that collaborative democracy succeeds through technology. We help local government agencies succeed with improving their public engagement when we keep our core values at the center of our work.

Respects All People

This is the cost of admission if we want a shot at relationships and listening.

Respects All People

This is the cost of admission if we want a shot at relationships and listening.

Relationships First

When we’re faced with an obstacle, we instinctively turn first to the relationships who we trust can help us understand and overcome it.

Listens Obsessively

We “obsess” over listening because it almost always results in better decision making over blind hubris. While it may mean saying “no”, we embrace listening as a core element of our work.

Tests and Iterates

When doing something new, we prioritize getting a viable approach into the world ASAP. This lets us to ‘listen’ to behavior, engage more minds, and puts evolution on our side.

Loves to Learn

Each day presents an opportunity to gain new perspectives and apply those experiences to our own challenges. The hardest part isn’t answering the questions, but asking them.


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PublicInput is a mission-driven startup transforming the way government agencies interact with their residents. Our belief is that collaborative democracy succeeds through technology. We work to ensure government agencies can build lasting relationships with the communities they serve and help facilitate equitable participation and representative decision making.

We’re a team of planners, engineers, communicators, geeks, and artists focused on building a better interface between people and government. We are looking for people, like you, to join our team to help further our mission.

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