The Draft Design Standards

Design Standards Document Explained

This document (named DRAFT NorthHighlineUrbanDesignStandards.pdf  in the downnoadable documents to the right) is the main body of work and apply to new and substantially improved buildings that are commercial, multi-family, and mixed-use.  These proposed standards are made to reflect what the project team has heard from the community, focusing on: cultural expression that reflect the community, preserving the current scale of the historic portion of White Center, making the neighborhood safer, and increased landscaping and environmental considerations.  Design standards are a tool within a suite of regulations that can help new developments meet the needs of the community.  It is a tool to help gather your feedback to help with future designs.


Design Standards Explanation and Survey

The standards are broken down into four basic sections:  explanation of the intent and how values of the community are incorporated, how the standards are used, the standards themselves, and the forms that would be used during the permit review process.  Each section of the suvey (accessed in the tabs above or green 'Continue' button below) explains each section and has questions. It helps to have the draft design standards document open at the same time (download to the right).

Please feel free to skip any section, or complete the whole survey, starting with the demographic questions below.

For any additional comments or questions beyond this survey please email Jesse Reynolds at  


How To Share Your Thoughts...

  1. Complete survey on this page by following the tabs to the left or clicking the green 'Continue' button below. This website also provides information and accepts comments in multiple languages.
  2. Email to Please make sure that the subject line contains "North Highline Design Standards."
  3. US Mail: 
    Jesse Reynolds
    King County Permitting Division
    35030 SE Douglas Street, Suite 210
    Snoqualmie, WA 98065-9266
  4. Phone/voicemail: 206-263-3000

Questions? Please contact Jesse Reynolds.

Documents Explained...

DRAFT NorthHighlineUrbanDesignStandards.pdf

The urban design standards and guidelines to be followed by future development projects that need to comply.  The standards are required, the guidelines are for guidance.  The final version of this document will be adopted as part of the ordinance.


DRAFT Ordinance.pdf

These standards will be a part of the King County Zoning Code.  In order to adopt the standards in to code, they need to be cited in the proper section and referencing the standards document.  In addition to referencing the standards, this code also prescribes the process of public input, and creates an amenity provision/developer bonus program where developers may pay into a “Local Business Fund” to receive a bonus in density for commercial space.


DRAFT Ordinance - PLainLanguageSummary.pdf

The Ordinance explained in plain language.


DRAFT EquityImpactReview.pdf

This document outlines the demographics of the existing community and how the project team has done engagement.  Findings from engagement is summarized, as well as how it has led the creation of these draft standards.  A summary of findings from this public review period will be included in the final version of this document


DRAFT SEPA Checklist.pdf

Per State Law, all changes to a County’s code must undergo an environmental analysis.  The attached checklist is the standard form for such analysis.  It explains this potential action in terms of anticipated environmental impacts.



Per State Law, an official notice in specific formatting must be provided stating King County's intent to amend its code, in this case adding these design standards to the Zoning Code (Title 21A).