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The project logo Seaview Ave /Sunset Hill Community Connections Project

The project logo Seaview Ave /Sunset Hill Community Connections Project

Do you live in or visit Seaview Avenue, Sunset Hill, or Golden Gardens Park in Ballard? If so, we’d like your help to improve how you and others get around in your community.

King County Metro along with our partners at Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Port of Seattle are exploring innovative ways to improve how residents and visitors of Seaview Avenue, Sunset Hill, and Golden Gardens Park get around. Earlier this year, Metro and Seaview/Sunset Hill residents confirmed a set of mobility needs unique to the Seaview Avenue and Sunset Hill communities. These mobility needs are consistent with a survey effort completed last year by a community committee within Seaview Avenue /Sunset Hill.

The residents and visitors of the Seaview/Sunset Hill communities who completed the Mobility Needs Assessment Survey identified the need for transportation options that…

  1. …are available at a wider range of times than existing peak-only (6-9a.m. and 3-7p.m.) services, especially midday and weekend service
  2. …connect to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in central Ballard
  3. …connect to frequent, all-day transit which runs through Ballard
  4. …connect to Golden Gardens
  5. … feel safe to access and provide a safe waiting environment
Do you agree the list above reflects mobility needs in Seaview/Sunset Hill Communities?
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Somewhat disagree
Strongly disagree
Closed to responses

Proposed Potential Solutions


Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle (April – October)

Shuttle Service between downtown Ballard and Golden Gardens Park

  • This service would operate along a fixed route, having several stops to pick-up and drop-off passengers along Seaview Ave NW and NW Market St.
  • This service would operate every 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on summer weekends only.
  • This service is ADA Accessible
  • Provides shuttle service along Seaview Ave NW and NW Market St connecting to Golden Gardens Park and downtown Ballard on summer weekends, when parking is constrained.
  • Can use an ORCA card, cash, paper transfer, mobile ticket, and/or other forms of valid fare media to ride, and it cost the same as riding a Metro bus ($2.75 or less) – see Metro’s Fare Webpage.


How likely would you be to try the Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Closed to responses

How often do you think you would use the Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle from April to October?

Every weekend
Once or twice a month
A couple times a summer
Closed to responses
Would you be willing to wait 30 minutes for a Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle to pick you up?
Closed to responses
Why or why not?
Closed for Comments
What concerns do you have about the Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle? (Pick up to two)
I have no concerns about Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle
It wouldn’t connect me to destinations that are important to me
It doesn’t operate when I need it on weekdays
It doesn’t operate year-round on weekends
I don’t want to wait for it
It might cost too much for me
I don’t think it would feel safe to ride
I do not understand this solution
Other (please specify)
Closed to responses
What do you like about the Golden Gardens Shuttle? (Pick up to two)
It would come into my neighborhood and pick me up near my home
It would provide a fixed route connection between Golden Gardens/Seaview Ave and downtown Ballard
The service is accessible for people who use mobility aids The service operates when I need it
It would cost the same as regular bus service
I don’t like anything about the Golden Gardens Shuttle
Other- please specify
Closed to responses
Please use this space to share any additional comments about the Golden Gardens Summer Shuttle and what purpose you'd use it for.
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