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The project logo U-3125: U.S. 117- Near Goldsboro

The project logo U-3125: U.S. 117- Near Goldsboro

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The N.C. Department of Transportation is planning to upgrade about 24 miles of the U.S. 117 corridor to interstate standards between Interstate 40 in Sampson County and Interstate 795 in Wayne County. The project also includes a portion of Duplin County. Part of the upgrade may involve building new sections of roadway. The existing corridor includes N.C. 403, U.S. 117 Connector, U.S. 117, U.S. 13 and N.C. 581.


Please review the information below take our survey, provide comments, or ask questions regarding the project.

Study Area

The study area is the area in which information will be gathered on the human and natural environmental features in order to develop design options for projects.

The study area for this project is shown on the interactive map below.  Please review the map and then answer the question or provide a comment below.


Draft Project Purpose and Need

The primary purpose of the proposed project is to enhance north-south mobility in the region by completing the I-795 freeway connection between I-40 and I-95. The freeway connection would provide a high-speed roadway with full control of access within the U.S. 117 Corridor.

Additional benefits of the project include a reduced potential for crashes due to the elimination of driveways, intersections and at-grade railroad crossings; and fulfilling the Strategic Transportation Corridor vision.

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John Conforti, REM                                                                              

NCDOT, Senior Project Manager                                                           

Project Management Unit                                                                     

(919) 707-6015                                                                                        

[email protected]                                                                              



After reviewing the Study Area Boundary Map, do you feel it is sufficient or should be modified?
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