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Welcome to the North Highline Subarea Plan and Community Needs List! 

Beginning in August 2020, King County will engage with the North Highline community to provide direction on the following projects:

  • The Subarea Plan, which will establish a vision for the future of North Highline and include policies to support the County's future work in support of that vision.
  • A Community Needs List, which will be a community-identified list of service, program, and capital improvement projects that support the community’s vision.

We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas for programs, policies, and services on the following pages. In November 2020, King County Departments will review your thoughts and ideas and prepare a draft Community Needs List and set of North Highline-focused policies that the community will have the opportunity to review. 

Question title

What part of North Highline do you consider your neighborhood?

Please consider providing feedback on the Anti-Displacement Strategy Report

Read a summary of community questions and feedback from our August 18 call here

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Project Timeline

Information about the North Highline Land Use Subarea Plan (engagement completed July 2019 to March 2020) can be found here.

Past Plans

1977 Highline Community Plan

1981 Highline Community Plan - Area Zoning

1994 White Center Community Action Plan and Area Zoning

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