What does this mean to you?

Your participation will help provide insight into areas that are most at risk of flooding and other hazards – and that will help direct mitigation efforts to keep our community safe and assure a speedy recovery in times of crisis.

The storm surge threat, amplified by climate change and sea level rise, requires constant awareness of the dangers and risks to human health and infrastructure in coastal communities. Hillsborough County is engaged in a planning process to update the  Community Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)  that was initially conducted in 2020.

A Vulnerability Assessment helps the community measure the potential impacts of flooding and sea level rise. It identifies structures, infrastructure, people, and natural resources that may be affected. The CVA will be used to inform a comprehensive Adaptation Plan. 

The Adaptation Plan is a guide to identify areas at risk and to identify adaptative strategies that could be implemented.

Those two initiatives will inform the Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS), which reduces the risks associated with natural and human-caused hazards. The cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City also participate in the LMS planning process. All jurisdictions remain eligible for grants from FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Assistance by maintaining an LMS.


The Project



Public Participation

We want your input!

Public participation is critical for a successful planning process. Residents know our community better than anyone, so we want to hear from you! Local knowledge ensures we create plans that understand what matters most and reflects that in proposed actions.


Public Engagement Timeline



Project Meetings


Meetings will be held throughout the planning process for the VA, Adaptation Plan, and LMS.

VA Public Outreach Meeting #1:

The Florida Center for Community Design + Research (FCCD+R), in partnership with Hillsborough County, is updating the Community Vulnerability Assessment - to help the community measure and prepare for the potential impacts from flooding and sea level rise. We will be asking you to verify/identify structures, infrastructure, populations, and natural resources that may be affected.


The meeting will be available for replay on this website. Watch here.