About the New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan (SDRP)

The SDRP, also known as the State Plan, is a document prepared by the New Jersey State Planning Commission (SPC) that contains a comprehensive framework intended to guide future development, redevelopment, conservation, preservation, and restoration efforts in the state of New Jersey with an eye toward prosperity through enhancing economic, place, social, and civic value.

When was the State Planning Commission created? 

The SPC was created by the Legislature in 1985, when it adopted the State Planning Act.  The SPC is composed on representatives from state agencies, county and local government, and private sector.  

How is the State Plan updated?  

The SDRP, prepared by SPC staff, is reviewed in phases through a process called cross-acceptance.  The State Plan contents reflect current planning principles and best practices in the areas of land use, transportation, housing, environmental protection and enhancement, economic development, provision of public infrastructure, historic preservation, social justice and adaptation to global climate change.

Once finalized, how is the State Plan used? 

State agencies implement the SDRP through their functional plans, investment priorities, and administrative rules, while local governments implement through their own planning objectives.  The State Plan is not designed to overrule, negate, or interfere with existing plans or regulations in communities, but it is intended to provide guidance and foster collaboration among stakeholders. 

 Goals of State Plan

The Goals of the SDRP are:

  1. Revitalize the State’s Cities and Towns
  2. Conserve the State’s Natural Resources and Systems
  3. Promote Beneficial Economic Growth, Development, and Renewal for all Residents of NJ
  4. Protect the Environment, Prevent and Clean Up Pollution
  5. Provide Adequate Public Facilities and Services at a Reasonable Cost
  6. Provide Adequate Housing at a Reasonable Cost
  7. Preserve and Enhance Areas with Historic, Cultural, Scenic, Open Space, and Recreational Value
  8. Address the Negative Impacts of Global Climate Change
  9. Prevent the Concentration of Adverse Environmental Impacts in Overburdened Communities
  10. Ensure Sound and Integrated Planning and Implementation Statewide


To learn more about the SDRP, visit NJ DOS - NJ Office of Planning Advocacy 


Release of Preliminary State Plan

Spring 2024

Cross Acceptance

Spring 2024

Public Hearings

Summer 2024

Draft State Plan

Fall 2024

Adoption of New State Plan

Winter 2024