Thank you for your feedback as we explore potential changes to the SSPA process. This survey is intended for all stakeholders in the process, and will ask a series of questions related to the following themes: 


- Inclusion and Community Engagement

- Process Timeline

- Nomination Criteria Adjustments


The survey takes under 10 minutes to complete, and responses will be used to inform future discussions with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on the community's priorities for site-specific plan amendment studies. 

The Site-Specific Plan Amendment Process (SSPA) is a vehicle to submit proposals (called Nominations) to change the Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) recommendations for a particular property. The Comprehensive Plan is the guide for future land use in the County.

The SSPA process has been in place since 2017 and is being re-evaluated to determine how it can best meet county and community needs for land use planning. The timeline for the evaluation is shown above. Feedback will be used to help develop recommendations for changes to the process for consideration by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. 

To learn more about the SSPA process, please visit the SSPA website, which includes resources and information on the purpose of the process, how it works, and how to get involved. A video overview can also be viewed on the County’s Youtube channel. The details on the SSPA process can also be reviewed in the SSPA Guide


Glossary of Key Terms Used in the Survey:

Comprehensive Plan: A guide used to plan for the orderly, physical development of the County and to make decisions about the natural and built environment.

Nomination: A proposal to change the Comprehensive Plan’s land use recommendations for a particular property or properties.

Task Force: A group of community members, appointed by the District Supervisors, that reviews and provides recommendations to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on the nominations and proposed plan amendments s.

Site-Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA) process: A four-year cycle, divided every two years between the “North” and “South” county Supervisor Districts, for reviewing nominations to amend the land use recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan for particular properties.

Work Program: A Board of Supervisors-endorsed list of Comprehensive Plan amendments and planning studies that are under review by County staff and the community.



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