The Baltimore region includes a number of small historic town centers that have developed with significant geographic constraints; these constraints can put stress on the transportation infrastructure, resulting in a number of challenges around access and safety. Ellicott City and Oella are examples of the many historic towns in the region that were first developed during the United States’ colonial period and are continually in the process of adapting its built environment to suit the needs of residents and visitors in the modern era. 

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council, on behalf of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, Howard County and Baltimore County, is conducting a multimodal transportation study for Ellicott City in Howard County and Oella in Baltimore County to address parking, wayfinding, and multimodal access. Although Main Street in Ellicott City is a unique downtown, some of the study’s proposed solutions may be used as a model for other historic towns in the Baltimore region.

Phase 1 of the study included:
  • Collecting and analyzing data to develop an existing conditions report that details parking utilization for on-street parking and 14 public and privately owned lots within the study area;
  • Collecting and analyzing existing pedestrian and vehicular signage within the study area; 
  • Collecting and analyzing multimodal access including sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, shared-use paths, trails and bicycle facilities.
Study Results
Phase 1 concentrated on evaluating the existing conditions for Parking, Wayfinding and Multimodal access.
Phase 2 Overview 
Phase 2 utilizes data analysis and public input gathered during Phase 1 to develop an extensive list of recommended improvements that could be made in downtown Ellicott City and Oella and we would like your feedback! Click continue, or on the tabs above to learn more about the recommendations. 
Phase 2 focuses on providing recommendations that will guide investment in parking that are forward-thinking, strategic, and will have a meaningful impact to those visiting downtown Ellicott City and Oella. 
Check out the recommendations on each tab to learn more and review our team's findings regarding parking, wayfinding and multimodal access in and around Main Street. 
Then, please share your thoughts about the recommendations in these historic neighborhoods.
  • What are your thoughts on parking, wayfinding and multimodal access recommendations in Ellicott City & Oella?
  • What are your top five (5) recommendations?

Share your comments using our survey on the tabs, join us for a public meeting on March 21st, or visit the Share Your Thoughts tab to find out alternative ways to share comments.  


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Main St Ellicott City - Bicycle sharrows on road with car driving and cars parked

Project Launch - Spring 2022

Analyze existing conditions, develop preliminary report on parking, wayfinding and multimodal access.

Solicit Public Input - Fall 2022

BMC, Howard County, and Baltimore County will solicit public comments at an in-person event on Dec 8, 2022 in Ellicott City and during a public comment period

Review and Revise - Winter 2022-2023

Following the public meeting and public comment period, the study team will review all feedback and develop a final report detailing recommendations.

Public Meeting - Spring 2023

BMC, Howard County and Baltimore County will present final recommendations and solicit comments during an in-person meeting on March 21 and public comment period from March 6 - April 5, 2023.