The Baltimore region includes a number of small historic town centers that experience challenges with parking management, wayfinding and multimodal access.


Baltimore Metropolitan Council, on behalf of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, Howard County and Baltimore County, is conducting a multimodal transportation study for Ellicott City in Howard County and Oella in Baltimore County to address parking, wayfinding, and multimodal access. Although Main Street in Ellicott City is a unique downtown, some of the study’s proposed solutions may be used as a model for other historic towns in the Baltimore region.


The study will:

  • Collect and analyze data to develop an existing conditions report that details parking utilization, wayfinding signage, bicycle signage and pavement markings, and multimodal amenities such as bus stops, benches and lighting

  • Explore strategies and develop recommendations for parking management 

  • Recommend a wayfinding strategy to enhance access

  • Proposing solutions for improved pedestrian, bicycle, and micro mobility device access

  • Develop guidelines and best practices for historic downtowns to be used for this and future projects

Exploring Strategies

As part of the process to develop this study, the project team has developed an existing conditions and analysis report and initial recommendations and we’d like your feedback! Click continue, or on the tabs above to learn more. 



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Project Launch - Spring 2022

Analyze existing conditions, develop preliminary report on parking, wayfinding and multimodal access.

Solicit Public Input - Fall 2022

BMC, Howard County, and Baltimore County will solicit public comments at an in-person event on Dec 8, 2022 in Ellicott City and during a public comment period. 

Review and Revise - Winter 2022-2023

Following the public meeting and public comment period, the study team will review all feedback and develop a final report detailing recommendations.

Public Meeting - Spring 2023

BMC, Howard County and Baltimore County will present final recommendations and solicit comments during an in-person meeting and public comment period.

Main St Ellicott City - Bicycle sharrows on road with car driving and cars parked