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1. Laurel Crest Drive is planned to be repaved between Silverbrook Road and Douglas Fir Drive.

When Laurel Crest Drive was constructed by the developer of the adjacent properties, about a dozen signs prohibiting parking between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. except for permit holders were installed. When the private street was turned over to the Virginia Department of Transportation, those signs became unenforceable because residents would have to request that a Residential Permit Parking District be established. FCDOT has observed that some segments of Laurel Crest Drive have higher parking utilization and some segments do not. In line with the Countywide Bicycle Master Plan, FCDOT proposes adjusting parking restrictions to add bike lanes and add a crosswalk.

Please rank these options in order of preference.

Laurel Crest Dr bike lane proposal
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2. Laurel Crest Drive and Paper Birch Drive Proposed Crosswalk.

To ensure that parked vehicles do not obstruct a driver's view of a person using the crosswalk per VDOT's requirement, FCDOT proposes to restrict street parking in yellow. Three spaces on northbound side of street and five spaces on southbound side of the street would be removed. The bike lanes will reduce the roadway width to discourage speeding and reducing the crossing distance for people using the crosswalk.

Do you support installation of this crosswalk?

Laurel Crest Dr & Paper Birch Dr proposed parking restrictions
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3. Old Mount Vernon Road is planned to be repaved between Maryland Street and Old Vernon Court. The Countywide Bicycle Master Plan calls for bike lanes and FCDOT proposes to add them along between Maryland Street and Old Vernon Court.

Do you support the addition of bike lanes or want no changes to Old Mount Vernon Road.

proposed bike lanes along Old Mount Vernon Road
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4. To improve safety for people who walk and ride bicycles, FCDOT proposes removing three right turn only lanes at Old Vernon Court, Becherer Road, and Maryland Street. These right turn lanes are underused and do not meet VDOT's warrant requirement. Removing them would allow the bike lane to extend an additional block, reduce crossing distance for people walking, and allow the bike lanes to run along the curb instead of shifting into the street at those intersections.

Do you support removing these three right turn lanes to provide a safer space to walk or ride a bike?

turn lane removal proposal along Old Vernon Court
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5. FCDOT also proposes to repurpose eight parking spaces to improve sight distance at existing crosswalks (four northbound spaces at the George Washington Rec Center's driveway and three southbound spaces and one northbound space at the intersection of Maryland Street).

Do you support repurposing these eight parking spaces marked in yellow to improve safety for people who walk by making them more visible to drivers?

repurposing these eight parking
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Is there anything else you would like to share about the proposed changes? If you have questions about the project, you are welcome to ask them here. Please leave your contact information so that staff can respond.

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