Please first review this short video to learn more about this trail feasibility study before taking the survey. 


The Study looks at the feasibility of extending a paved trail/greenway from the Island Greenway in Carolina Beach to the Fort Fisher Ferry Terminal and documents the input and comments received from the September 2023 public meeting. You can view the partially completed draft study here For the synthesized outreach effort in September, please see Appendix A in the draft study. The Study evaluates numerous trail alignment alternatives based on how feasible it is to build and its ability to meet the project goals. Each trail alignment alternative was scored low, medium, or high in each of the following priorities: 

  • Connectivity
  • Traffic safety
  • Cost 
  • Property usage
  • User experience 
  • Environmental impact
  • Resident benefit
  • Public input
  • Stakeholder input

One trail alignment is recommended for each of the three sections in the draft Feasibility Study. The purpose of this survey is to gather input on the alignment evaluations and the recommended trail alignment. 

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