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May is Building Safety Month

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Every May, building safety professionals from all over the world come together for Building Safety Month.

Building codes and building safety officials help protect area residents and visitors by ensuring the structures where we work, play, and learn are safe from a variety of hazards. Building Safety Month, led by the International Code Council, shines a light on building safety and what it takes to create and maintain safe and sustainable structures.

The theme for Building Safety Month 2024 is “Mission Possible,” reminding us of our shared responsibility to plan, build, and maintain safe structures. This page provides resources for the Austin community about Building Safety and the vital role it plays in our growing city. We encourage you to take part in the weekly themes, or download the informational documents listed below.

Building Codes in Your Life

Hover over the circles to learn more about how Building Safety Codes keep you and your family safe.


Public Engagement - Play a direct role in amending the City’s technical building codes by participating in a May 20 webinar about proposed 2024 code amendments or providing feedback online by June 15 at the COA 2024 Technical Code Changes Engagement page.

Week One IconWeek 1 (May 1-5) | Understanding the Mission

Welcome to Week 1 of Building Safety Month 2024!

As part of this week’s "Understanding the Mission" theme, we’re kicking things off by covering the basics of building safety and sharing a bit about Building Safety Month. It’s mission-critical — building safety is all our responsibility, and we’re counting on you to do your part, too!

As an individual, building safety can be as simple as installing smoke alarms, giving portable heaters safe space, or cleaning out your dryer vent.

From a community standpoint, building safety can include adopting modern building codes or enacting sustainability initiatives.

From all perspectives, building safety is only possible when we work together.

  • All communities need building codes to protect their community members from hazards like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse.
  • Building codes are society's best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores and entertainment venues.
  • Building safety professionals, including code officials, work every day to keep the public safe.

Use this week’s resources to understand more about building codes, how they are developed, and how to apply them.

Defining Building Safety PDFCode Council at Home PDFBuilding Codes and Standards PDF

Week Two IconWeek 2 (May 6-12) | Mission Critical Preparedness

Week 2 of Building Safety Month 2024 focuses on how building safety impacts our everyday life and steps we can take at home now to stay safe when challenges to building safety occur later.

Here we share fire and water safety tips and home maintenance best practices, how to prepare for a disaster, how to plan to limit damages to buildings from natural hazards in your community, and how to be more sustainable to ensure a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Modern homes and buildings have used the latest building codes, which help reduce risks of fire and other hazards. While building safety professionals help ensure structures start out safe, you can take steps at home or work to support occupant health, safety, and security.

Let’s start with a few fire safety tips:

  • Put a smoke alarm on every level of your home, outside each sleeping area, and inside every bedroom. Test each smoke alarm regularly. Replace batteries annually.
  • Make an escape plan so everyone knows how to get out fast when seconds count. Pick a meeting place outside the home, and make sure everyone knows where to go.
  • Portable heaters need their space. Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away.
  • Keep all flammable items away from your home, clean leaves from your gutters, and remove dead leaves and branches from shrubs and trees.

Also, be sure to download and review the safety tips and preparation guides below.

Preparedness Postcard PDFFire Safety Tips PDFElectrical Safety Tips PDFWater Safety PDFDisaster Safety PDFDisaster Preparation PDFAre You Ready PDFBuilding Green Living Better PDF

Week Three IconWeek 3 (May 13-19) | Building Safety Heroes

Week 3 of Building Safety Month shares a glimpse into the world of building safety professionals by outlining different roles and their responsibilities. We also spotlight how building safety professionals make a difference in their communities and share examples of when you should call a building safety professional. These include permitting, home renovations, or buying a house.

Building safety professionals are the silent defenders of public safety. They provide guidance and advice to architects, engineers, and contractors to help them bring building projects to life while ensuring safety for occupants and residents. Building safety professionals also help keep existing buildings safe by conducting inspections and adopting the latest building codes.

Building safety professionals:

  • Include building inspectors of all kinds, building officials, plans examiners, permit technicians, fire marshals, and more.
  • Train constantly to keep up with the latest codes and standards.
  • Enforce code compliance to empower and educate partners to embrace and integrate safety standards in their work.
  • Ensure that buildings are constructed to withstand the stress of everyday use.
  • Perform safety checks that protect your home from emergencies before fire, flood, or disaster strike.
  • Support our community and economy by making our buildings studier and longer lasting.
  • Play a significant role in our community by connecting partners in government, business, and the built environment.

Careers in Building Safety PDFValue of the Code Official PDFCareers Infographic PDF

Week Four IconWeek 4 (May 20-26)| The Community Mission

Week 4 equips you to engage and advocate for building safety in your community.

We all have a part to play in making sure the places where we live, work, and play are safe for our families and neighbors.

Be the change you'd like to see in your community by speaking up about building safety. This week in Austin, you can even play a direct role in amending the City’s technical building codes by participating in a May 20 webinar about proposed 2024 code amendments or providing feedback online by June 15 at COA 2024 Technical Code Changes Engagement - PublicInput.

Even the smallest action can ultimately save lives.

  • Talk to your network about building safety and share fact-based information and resources on your social media accounts.
  • Plan community events to raise awareness or attend local events about building safety. · Participate in ongoing amendments to the technical building codes we use in Austin.
  • Connect with our Neighborhood Assistance Center for community resources, and bring conversations about building safety to your neighborhood meetings.

Here are some resources to get you started, including some fun and educational resources for kids!

Building Safety Checklist PDFConstruction Dust ControlKids Activity Book PDFColoring Pages PDF

Week Five IconWeek 5 (May 27-31)| Continuing the Mission

Mission success! Week 5 of Building Safety Month 2024 highlights individuals and communities who make a difference in building safety all year long.

Here we also share celebrations and events from this year’s Building Safety Month, as well as highlights from the Code Council’s 30th anniversary.

Thank you for celebrating Building Safety Month with us. Make sure you follow along with our updates via email and social media. We provide building safety information all year long!

The Austin Public Library has created a reading list to help everyone celebrate Building Safety Month. You can view the list online, or visit the Southeast Branch at 5803 Nuckols Crossing Rd.

Visit Austin Public Library Reading List