Survey for Sammamish River Capital Investment Strategy

In 2023, King County is developing the Sammamish River Capital Investment Strategy (Sammamish River CIS). The strategy will guide future projects to reduce flood risks and protect fish and wildlife habitat...

About the Sammamish River

The Sammamish River corridor runs 14 miles from Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington. It passes through rural and suburban communities and commercial, agricultural and recreational areas.  

Over the past few decades, the cities of Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell and Kenmore have grown around the river. This growth has also brought more ways for people to walk, bike, fish, boat, float, picnic, gather and play in the valley. Unfortunately, some of these new land uses have degraded the river.  

The Sammamish River is within the aboriginal lands of Coast Salish People. Kokanee salmon, once an important local food source and cultural symbol to the Coast Salish, are nearly gone from the valley today. This is due to land use change and its impact on fish habitat.

Other fish species in the Sammamish River include Chinook salmon, which are protected by federal, state, and local laws. However, the Sammamish River has many problems that make it difficult for fish and wildlife to thrive. Straightening deepening of the river and removing vegetation have degraded the health of the river. 

Kokanee salmon in Ebright Creek (Courtesy of Roger Tabor, USFWS).

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Map of the Sammamish Watershed

Did you know that the Sammamish River was once part of an ancient lake connecting Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish?

For an interactive Sammamish River history experience visit: Sammamish River StoryMap.

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