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The project logo Renewal of proposed Public Rule on Professional Dog Services in parks

The project logo Renewal of proposed Public Rule on Professional Dog Services in parks

King County Parks is seeking to renew the public rule: Permit Requirements and Procedures for Professional Dog Service Business Use of Parks and Recreation Division Property.  The purpose of this public rule is to continue a regulatory permit system, requirements, procedures, and Rules of Conduct for professional dog-walking businesses that are allowed to use King County's off-leash dog parks and facilities. It is intended, in part, to regulate the number of dog-walking businesses operating in King County's off-leash areas for the safety of all visitors.

How to comment

The comment period is open from October 10 through November 24, 2020.

Submit your comments online in the box below.

Other ways to comment:

  • Telephone: 206-477-4527
  • Email: [email protected]
  • U.S. Mail: King County Parks and Recreation | 201 S Jackson St, Suite 500 | Seattle, WA 98104
  • Attend a virtual meeting on Thursday, November 5, 2020, 6 -7 p.m. RSVP here to receive meeting link.

After the comment period has closed, Parks will respond to comments as part of the formal administrative record and finalize the proposed public rule after considering comments received. Once the public rule is executed, Parks will adjust its implementation of the public rule as necessary.


A significant number of dog-sitting and dog-exercise service companies use King County’s Marymoor Park for the benefit of their private businesses. This activity raised concerns from the public, law enforcement, King County Parks staff, and park stewardship groups regarding the impact of professional dog service operations on King County Parks’ land and other park visitors.

Through 2009 and 2010, King County Parks staff communicated with park visitors, representatives from the Regional Animal Services of King County, King County Sheriff’s office, the Friends of Marymoor Park (FOMP), the Marymoor Professional Dog Walkers Association, and Serve Our Dog Areas (S.O.D.A.) to obtain input on this issue. King County Parks adopted Public Rule FES 7-1 (PR) and implemented a permit process in fall 2011, in compliance with KCC 7.12.150, as a method to manage use of Parks-owned property by these businesses. Following implementation of the rule, complaints from the public decreased significantly and continue to be at a low level.

Summary of Proposed Requirements

King County Parks is not proposing any changes to the existing public rule and is seeking only to renew it.

To use a park, trail or other facility owned or managed by King County Parks for the benefit of a professional dog service business, the business must first obtain an annual Professional Dog Services Concession Permit from the division.

Permit requirements include:

  • Payment of an $800 permit fee to King County Parks each calendar year. The annual fee will be prorated at a rate of $70 per month for remaining months in a year, for permits issued after February.
  • Proof of valid insurance with endorsement, naming King County as additional insured, at coverage levels indicated in the terms and conditions provided with permit documents.
  • Current Washington State Business License.
  • Adherence to the “Rules of Conduct for Professional Dog Services Concession Permit Holder”, provided with permit documents.
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