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Study Partners

  • City of Petersburg 
  • Prince George County 
  • Crater Planning District Commission 
  • Petersburg Area Transit 
  • WSP 

Study Description

The purpose of this study is to identify concepts that focus on identified area needs, including safety improvement, congestion mitigation, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and transit access. The study area includes:

  • Wagner Road from S. Crater Road to Normandy Drive
  • S. Crater Road from Wagner Road to Rives Road
  • Rives Road from S. Crater Road to Lakeshore Drive 

This study seeks to identify cost-effective solutions to multimodal transportation needs in Virginia. Through this planning process, projects and solutions may be considered for funding through programs including SMARTSCALE, revenue sharing, interstate funding, and others.

This Phase 2 survey is intended to obtain public input on the study alternatives to address the issues identified by the study team and the initial August and September 2023 Phase 1 survey. 

Study Location

Map showing the Study Area for the S. Crater Road Corridor Study