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What is your zip code?

Question title

* How would you describe yourself as a multi-use trail user?

Choose the response that best describes you.

a. I am a frequent multi-use trail user.
b. I am an occasional multi-use trail user
c. I am curious about using multi-use trails, but I need to know more about them.
d. I am hesitant to use multi-use trails, but I won't rule it out yet.
e. I have no interest in using multi-use trails.
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What is your favorite and/or frequently used trail(s) and why?

Example responses:

- Mount Vernon Trail- running and biking to work

- Capital Trail- walking with my family as an activity

- W&OD - biking to work

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* How do you typically find information about multi-use trails in or around your community?

Select all that apply.

a. Multi-use trail system maps posted at trail heads or parks
b. Paper maps distributed throughout my community
c. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc.)
d. Websites/Apps designed around trails (All Trails, Hiking Upward, Ride with GPS, etc.)
e. Google Maps
f. Word of mouth
Not Applicable
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* How frequently do you use multi-use trails in and around your community?

Select one option.

a. Multiple times each week
b. About once a week
c. 1 to 3 times per month
d. About once every few months
e. About once per year
f. Rarely or never
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