Active Transportation Planning

Inspiring healthy, active and connected communities

What is Active Transportation? 

Active transportation is human-powered transportation like walking and biking, using a wheelchair or hand cycling. Active transportation provides more options for people to access jobs, education, and other services within their communities. UDOT plans and implements active transportation facilities on state roads to help provide access for those walking and biking.


What are Types of Active Transportation Facilities? 

  • Crosswalks and other road crossings
  • Multi-use trails
  • On-street bike lanes
  • Bicycle boulevards or “slow streets for people”
  • School routes
  • Continuous and connecting sidewalks
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible design
  • Access to transit
  • Maintenance needs like sidewalk repairs, bike lane sweeps, and fresh paint


Why do we Need Better Walking and Biking Facilities? 

For many people who are unable to drive, choose not to drive, or don’t have regular access to a vehicle, active transportation facilities like on-street bike lanes, multi-use paths, sidewalks, safe school routes, and transit access are vital networks for accessing jobs, school, and other services.

Active transportation facilities provide the following benefits:

  • Provides better mobility choices
  • Improves safety for users
  • Connects to public transportation
  • Promotes physical activity through walking, biking, skateboarding, etc.
  • Connects neighborhoods and communities
  • Reduces road congestion
  • Increases environmental sustainability through reduced air pollution and energy savings
  • Reduces travel costs

    How can I Provide Feedback

    UDOT is currently seeking public input to identify walking and biking needs and to inform the design of safe routes in Utah communities. Your feedback is vital to ensure the Active Transportation Plan represents our shared vision for Utah.

    UDOT is asking for the public’s input in identifying areas where active transportation facilities are needed on state roads, or what some of the barriers of the built environment are. Individual cities oversee their respective city roads. Your input will be utilized for ongoing and future planning on state roads.   

    You can comment in one or more of the following ways: ​

    1.    Add a comment in the form/box below for either project.

    2.    Email [email protected] for either project.

    3.    Call 385-360-1900 for either project.

    4.    Answer the simple survey questions below for the Active Transportation Plan.

    5.    Comment directly on the map below for the Active Transportation Plan. 

    Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by sliding the blue bar below:

    Question title

    My community currently has safe walking, biking, and off-road trail options.

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    Question title

    Pedestrian walkability on and off-roads is important to me.

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    Question title

    Having access to bicycle paths on and off-roads is important to me.

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    Question title

    Having access to transit on foot or by bike is important to me.

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    Question title

    Having a variety of transportation choices available to me is important.

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    Question title

    UDOT should be innovative with its nonmotorized transportation pathways.

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    Comment Map

    Click on the map to comment on future walking and biking facilities, where barriers or gaps exist, or to indicate where new projects should be added. The colored lines show projects that are planned for the future on state roads, which is the focus of this outreach. Select the category most applicable to your comment. 

    1. Zoom in to an area on the map
    2. Click on the map to comment
    3. Fill out the comment and submit

    Not loading or displaying? Please try accessing the map directly, here. If that doesn't work, please reach out to our team.


    Not loading or displaying? Please try accessing the form directly, here. If that doesn't work, please reach out to our team.

    What will we do with this information? 

    UDOT is interested in understanding community needs for biking and walking facilities at a statewide level. The feedback you provide will be used to inform internal processes, allocate funding, and prioritize projects for the future. Additional outreach will be conducted on a project-by-project basis as funding becomes available to construct.

    UDOT is dedicated to providing local governments and municipalities across Utah with technical support and guidance on an ongoing basis as they pursue their active transportation planning efforts, through our program Move Utah. Our team provides technical expertise, resources and funding opportunities to help communities advance their active transportation plans and projects. This current community involvement effort is a precursor to larger planning initiatives at UDOT that will help us better understand user needs and desires as we implement projects.

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