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The project logo Van Voorhis Road Improvement Project

The project logo Van Voorhis Road Improvement Project

Proposed improvements include widening of Van Voorhis Road throughout the project study area to create wider lanes, widening for an additional southbound lane from Killarney Drive to WV 705, shoulder widening and paving, improvement of the roadway alignment near the intersection of Wedgewood Drive, construction of a northbound left turn lane to Wedgewood Drive, replacement of the bridge over West Run, construction of sidewalks, curbs, gutters, retaining walls and drainage improvements along various sections of the roadway.  The roadway alignment improvement near Wedgewood Drive includes improvement of the horizontal and vertical alignment of Van Voorhis Road between Clearview Avenue and the Morgantown Health and Rehabilitation Center (Golden Living) driveway. The WVDOH previously held an Informational Workshop Public Meeting in May 2019 detailing the project upgrades to 0.43 miles of Van Voorhis Road (County Route 59) from the junction of Monongalia County 67/1 to Junction of CR 60. 



Thank you for attending this virtual public involvement meeting.  The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) recognizes the value of public comments on their projects and community issues in the area surrounding those projects. To permit the fair and orderly expression of such comments, a period for public participation will be provided during public meetings and rules to govern such participation will be provided. The moderator of the meeting shall administer the rules of public participation. These guidelines are discussed below.  Please take a moment to read this information before the meeting begins: 

  •  This meeting will be recorded 
  •  At the beginning of the meeting, all attendees will be muted and will remain muted. 
  •  After the presentation has concluded, there will be a question and answer period.  Please submit comments and questions by one of the following methods: 
    •  Use the chat window to type your question/comment 
    •  Text your comment/question 
    •  Call  855-925-2801. Code: 9356
    • (Note:  All comments carry equal weight, no matter how they are submitted.) 
  •  Please keep comments relevant to the project for which the meeting is being held 
  •  Please keep comments/concerns as specific as possible 
  • WVDOT and/or their associated representatives will respond to each comment/question however, we reserve the right to respond to questions in writing following the meeting if there is either not adequate time to answer or if information must be gathered to adequately respond
  • Once all comments/questions have been presented, the moderator will ask if anyone else has any questions or comments. 
  • If desired, the commenter may follow-up on verbal comments in writing.  (This is not a requirement and will not provide the verbal comments additional weight.) 



  • Participants must be respectful and considerate of the opinions of others 
  • Participants must be considerate of the time allocated for others to speak 
  • Demeaning, derogatory, inflammatory, or vulgar language or actions will not be permitted and may result in attendee(s) being removed from the meeting 
  • A moderator will administer the rules 



Persons attending the meeting who are hearing or visually impaired and have special requirements or a condition that requires special assistance or accommodations should contact one of the meeting coordinators as soon as possible. Advanced notice is necessary for us to make arrangements to accommodate these special needs.  
We welcome written comments from members of the public who did not have the opportunity or did not wish to make an oral presentation. Comment forms are available on the project website.

1st Public Meeting Informational Workshop

held on May 13, 2019

1st Public Meeting Comment Period Ended

ended on June 13, 2019

2nd Public Meeting Informational Workshop - VIRTUAL

August 10, 2020

2nd Public Meeting Informational Workshop Comment Period

ends on September 10, 2020

NEPA - Environmental Clearance Date

Anticipated for September 28, 2020

RIght of Way Start Date

Tentatively Scheduled for June 2022

Construction Date

Anticipated Construction Start Date

June 2023