Meyers Pool is being replaced!

The George J. Meyers Swimming Center (Meyers Pool) at 7900 Carr St. is a 50-meter aquatics facility owned by the City of Arvada and operated and maintained by the Apex Park and Recreation District. The regional facility hosts a wide variety of events and users, including swim lessons, competitive swimming events, recreational lap swimmers, and swim classes.

Teams from the City of Arvada, Apex Park and Recreation District and JeffCo Public Schools have been meeting to discuss the future of the pool. The facility is reaching the end of its lifespan and these partners have set a goal to replace it with a new 50-meter natatorium.

While still in the design phase, the following has been decided:

  • The current facility will remain open during the majority of construction of the new facility.
  • The new facility will be located in adjacent to the current facility.
  • After the new pool is operational, the existing pool will be demolished and a new parking lot built on the site.
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in early to mid 2023. Project completion is anticipated to be in late 2024 to early 2025.

Share your Meyers Pool story with the community!

While the replacement project is happening, we want to invite you to share your stories past and present of your experiences at Meyers Pool. Visit the Stories tab to contribute your story, as well as read and engage with the stories of others. Your story may be featured in future City projects, communications, and events. If you have a question about the Meyers Pool project, email link) or call the main City Facilities phone number at 720-898-7600. Visit the City website(External link) to register to receive email updates.

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Kim Vagher

Kim Vagher

Manager of City Facilities for the Department of Public Works @ City of Arvada

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Katie Patterson

Manager of Communications - Infrastructure @ City of Arvada