The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is conducting a state environmental study (SES) of U-111 between 11800 South and Herriman Boulevard to address the current and future growth in southwestern Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas. It will build on a previous planning study completed in 2021, more details are available here.

The study will:

  • Determine whether to extend U-111
  • Evaluate potential alignments for a possible roadway extension
  • Identify any corresponding impacts
  • Determine whether a no-build alternative is feasible


What is U-111?

UDOT is referring to this study as the "U-111 Environmental Study" as a possible extension is evaluated. Locals may know U-111 as Bacchus Highway, S.R. 111, 7300 West or 8400 West. If a build alternative is selected after the study, a naming convention and road designation would follow. 

Have questions about the project or want to sign up for updates? Please contact the team at 385-203-9566 or [email protected]