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The project logo FRA-161-12.04 (PID 110436) and FRA-161-12.83 (PID 110376)

The project logo FRA-161-12.04 (PID 110436) and FRA-161-12.83 (PID 110376)


Stakeholder Meeting 1 Video Now Available

The first stakeholder meeting was held on August 13, 2020. A video of the meeting can be accessed below under the 'documents' tab (on the right in the sidebar if on a computer and at the bottom of this page if on a mobile device). The public input period is currently open. Please see below for more details and information on how you can participate. 

Una versión en español del sitio web está disponible aquí;

What are the projects? 

The two projects explored in this virtual meeting came from an initial safety study conducted in 2017 to identify possible safety improvements to State Route 161 between Interstate 71 and Cleveland Avenue and adjoining service roads. The two projects and their descriptions are:

  • State Route 161 and Karl Road and North Service Road intersection

The project will introduce a mini-roundabout and concrete median to mitigate crashes at State Route 161 and Karl Road and the North Service Road Intersection. Proposed improvements include a mini-roundabout to allow u-turns, a concrete median, upgrading the signal at State Route 161 and Karl road, and drainage upgrades. 

  • State Route 161 and Maple Canyon Avenue and North Service Road intersection

The project will construct mini-roundabouts, each with an inscribed circle diameter (ICD) of 90’, located approximately 300 to 500 ft beyond the intersections of Maple Canyon Ave. with the South Service Road, Maple Canyon Ave. with the North Service Road, Parkville St. with the South Service Road, and Spring Run Dr. with the North Service Road. The project will also add an additional through lane between the roundabout and the Service Road on Parkville St., Spring Run Dr., and both legs of Maple Canyon Ave. Turn lanes will be lengthened as needed to incorporate traffic. Proposed improvements include mini-roundabouts to allow u-turns, a concrete median, upgrading the signal at the intersections of State Route 161 with Maple Canyon Ave. and the intersection of State Route 161 with Spring Run Dr./Parkville St. and drainage upgrades. 

Why are the projects needed? 

Both intersections suffer from elevated crash rates due to excessive driving patterns conflicts and the short distance between the service road intersections and State Route 161. Both intersections have consistently appeared in the City of Columbus yearly “Top 20 High-Crash Locations” list (based on crash rate), and the State Route 161 and Maple Canyon intersection was identified in the MORPC yearly “Top 40 Regional High Crash Locations” list (based on a combination of crash frequency, severity, and rate). The purpose of both projects is to improve safety, access management, and traffic operations. In addition to constructing the mini-roundabouts at the service road intersections, a concrete median will be added between State Route 161 and the roundabout to reduce conflict points and congestion by eliminating left turn and through movements.

Why is public input needed? 

In the State Route 161 Corridor Study, multiple short-term, and long-term improvements were selected as potential improvements. For both projects, The City of Columbus, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation, is seeking public input to take into consideration when moving forward with the preferred alternative.

Please review the project information below. Click the green Continue button to advance through the information. After viewing the alternatives, tell us if you have any comments or questions. 

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Why are we holding a virtual meeting?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has prohibited mass gatherings and the CDC has recommended using social distancing to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Public involvement meetings are very difficult to perform while practicing social distancing.  Due to these issues, ODOT is now holding public involvement meetings virtually so that social distancing can easily be performed while engaging with the public about transportation projects.

Internet Access Difficulties

A transcript of the video presented here and a printout of exhibits will be provided to anyone who has issues accessing the virtual public meeting.  Please send a transcript request to Angela Fedak for the FRA-161-12.04 (PID 110436) and FRA-161-12.83 (PID 110376) virtual public meeting at one of the following contact methods:

City of Columbus

Attn: Angela Fedak

111 N. Front Street

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone number: 614-645-3006

Email address: [email protected]



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