The Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan Public Review Draft begins with an introduction that explains why King County is planning for the future of Skyway-West Hill, explains the central role of equity and social justice in the plan, and says “the ultimate goal of the Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan is to make real, equitable improvements to the quality of life for everyone who lives, works, and plays in Skyway-West Hill.”

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The introduction describes Skyway-West Hill's planning history, including:

  • 1994 West Hill Community Plan, that this Subarea Plan will replace.
  • Skyway Park Community Vision (2008)
  • Community Agenda for Revitalization (2009)
  • Community Center Visioning Process and Report (2014)
  • Skyway West Hill Action Plan (2015), and 
  • Skyway-West Hill Land Use Strategy (2020).

There is a brief description of the Community Needs List process that was begun in 2020 and how it is associated with but a separate effort from the Subarea Plan.

Next is a short explanation of how the Subarea Plan chapters are arranged. With the exception of the introduction, vision, and community context chapters, each chapter follows this format:

  • Background and context
  • Discussion of the community’s priorities and needs
  • Subarea-specific policies

The introduction section concludes with an explanation of what equity and social justice mean to King County and that the County is committed to being: 

  • Inclusive and collaborative,
  • Diverse and people focused,
  • Responsive and adaptive,
  • Transparent and accountable,
  • Racially just, and
  • Focused upstream and where needs are greatest.

An analysis of equity impacts associated with the proposed policies and associated land use and zoning map amendments is provided in Appendix C of the Public Review Draft.

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Reminder, the text provided on this page is a summary and not the actual Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan Public Review Draft. To see the full text of the Subarea Plan and Land Use and Zoning Map Amendments, download the documents using the links above. 

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