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Visioning Concepts Survey | Envision Seminole 2045

This survey is part of Envision Seminole 2045. It should take about ten (10) minutes to complete.

Visioning Conference | Envision Seminole 2045

The conference will bring together community members, planning staff, and subject matter experts for a deep dive on topics identified in the public outreach for the 20-year Vision Plan as well as briefings...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In 2021, Board of County Commissioners identified Growth Management as its #1 strategic priority with an emphasis on enhanced community involvement. A staff working group was established to develop an action-oriented strategic plan to address growth management issues in a manner reflective of community values and needs. 
  2. This process will also inform the County's Evaluation & Appraisal of the comprehensive plan which occurs every 7 years and is due in December 2022.

For more information see our video: What's a vision and why now?

Envision Seminole 2045 addresses those areas and issues managed by Seminole County government. This includes land use within unincorporated Seminole County as well as roads, trails, and facilities managed/maintained by Seminole County that serve all residents whether they live in the cities or the unincorporated area. This issue is discussed further in this video on comprehensive planning from the Listening Tour.  

Unincorporated Seminole County is those areas that are not located within the jurisdication of a city/municipality.

To determine in which jurisdiction you are located, visit the Seminole County "My Resident" Page to look up your address. Be sure to click on your address to see your property information including "Jurisdiction." If the jurisdiction says "County," then you are located in the unincorporated area. Your jurisdiction may be different than your "Postal City." 

The general boundaries of the unincorporated areas are shown in dark blue in the image below. You can click on the image to view it larger. 

Diagram highlighting the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Seminole County.

Every local government in Florida has a comprehensive plan. Comprehensive plans guide public investment and describe where and how new community growth should occur. 

They provide the policy foundation for local planning and land use decisions on capital improvements, conservation, intergovernmental coordination, recreation, open space, future land use, housing, transportation, and public facilities. 

You can see Seminole County's currently adopted comprehensive plan here

Listening Tour

The Listening Tour is complete. Click here to review the results.

April 2022

Visioning Tour

Our in-person Visioning Tour is complete. Click here to review the results. 

May/June 2022

Board Work Session

The afternoon of June 14, 2022, beginning immediately following the conclusion of the Board of County Commissioners regular meeting, in the County Services Building, 1101 East First Street, Sanford Florida, Room 1028 (Board Chambers).

Community Visioning Conference

Save the Date! August 24th, 2022. For more information click here

Vision Plan Review Tour

Anticipated Fall 2022. 

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