March 14, 2023 

What is survey, geotechnical, and utility testing?

Pre-construction activities are vital for the success of a complex roadway project. Survey, geotechnical (engineering behavior of earth materials) and utility crews investigate and identify existing infrastructure above and beneath the surface, utilities, and topography that include the following:

  • Railroad tracks, sidewalk, curb, fences, and manholes
  • Overhead and underground utility lines
  • Subsurface soil data for design of retaining walls, bridge foundations, and slope soil stability
  • Underground storm drain, water and sewer pipes

The project team uses the data collected from the test holes to determine the actual horizontal and vertical position of existing utilities. This reduces the risk to the project by identifying conflicts between the new project elements and existing infrastructure.


What is Progressive Design-Build?

One unique element of the 5600 South project is its project delivery method through the Progressive Design-Build process.


Progressive Design-Build (PDB) is a method of project delivery in Utah that incorporates the contractor from the earliest stages of the project. This method facilitates coordination with third parties and enhances collaboration between the owner, designer, and contractor. In contrast, a traditional design-build project provides UDOT with less flexibility to change or adjust the project scope as the design progresses. Another advantage of PDB is it allows UDOT to complete this project up to a year earlier when compared to other project delivery methods. Projects operating under a PDB delivery system tend to outperform traditional Design-Build projects in meeting deadlines and minimizing costs. You can learn more about alternative delivery methods by visiting UDOT's resource page here.

Ongoing Activities 

Right-of-Way Acquisition and Demolition

Demolition work on UDOT acquired properties along 5600 South will continue. This work will take place during daytime hours. Surrounding areas can expect noise, dust, vibration, heavy equipment and workers at each location. Short-term shoulder closures may be implemented to assist demolition equipment entering and exiting the area.


*Properties awaiting demolition are secured and routinely monitored for safety and security purposes. Trespassing will be prosecuted.


Right-of-way acquisition with affected properties along 5600 South is ongoing. If you suspect that your property may be impacted:

  • Contact the project team to discuss the project timeline and potential impacts to your property by calling 385-383-6576


For your safety and safety of crew members on site, please do not enter the work areas and stay away from equipment. Drivers, be aware of workers and equipment near travel lanes.


Survey, Geotechnical, and Utility Testing

Crews will be working throughout the project area for the next several weeks.


What to Expect:

  • Heavy equipment, support vehicles, and crew members
  • Temporary access restrictions
  • Lane shifts
  • Increased noise and vibrations
  • Daytime and occasional night work