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2022 MIDD Advisory Committee Meetings

2022 MIDD Advisory Committee Meetings

The MIDD Advisory Committee (MIDD AC) is an advisory body to the Executive and Council. Its purpose is to ensure that the implementation and evaluation of the strategies and programs funded by the MIDD sales tax revenue are transparent, accountable, collaborative and effective. Recognizing that King County is the countywide provider of mental health and substance abuse services, the committee will work to ensure that access to mental health and chemical dependency services is available to those who are most in need throughout the county, regardless of geographic location.

The MIDD AC meets on a regular basis, approximately 10 times per year. A public comment period is made available at each meeting. 

Non-members access the MIDD AC meetings through PublicInput. 

Use this landing page to add meetings to you calendar, access meeting materials (including instructions for using PublicInput), and submit comments. 

Tip: click a meeting title, then select the blue 'View Page' button to see of that meeting's information in one place.

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