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Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan and Community Needs List

Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan and Community Needs List

Welcome to the Skyway-West Hill community collaboration website. Over the past several years, we've gathered a lot of great ideas from the community through either the Skyway-West Hill Action Plan (SWAP), the Skyway-West Hill Land Use Strategy and the recent Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan and Community Needs List survey website.  Thank you to everyone who has shared their voice so far.

The community's ideas are grouped under the following 5 categories:

King County wants to know your opinion about the ideas presented. Please take a moment to complete the short survey under each category, to let us know what you think.

Did you participate in or provide input on any of the following community planning efforts?
- Skyway-West Hill Action Plan (SWAP) in 2014-2016
- The Skyway-West Hill Land Use Strategy in 2018-2019, or
- The first version of the website from August to October 2020?
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The following survey pages include the requests for programs, services, and capital improvements submitted by community members like you. The requests have been grouped together with other similar requests.

This survey will be open until January 2021.

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Surveys Open from October 2020 until January 2021

Skyway-West Hill - 2nd Survey - Healthy, Connected Neighborhoods

Healthy Connected Neighborhoods connects people with neighborhoods, nature and recreation, education, and businesses through a system of safe and accessible road, bike, pedestrian and transit networks.

Skyway-West Hill - 2nd Survey - Smart, Sustainable Growth

Smart, Sustainable Growth focus on the topics of land use, density, and infrastructure. 

Skyway-West Hill - 2nd Survey - Thriving, Educated Youth and Community

Thriving, Educated Youth and Community focuses on a community center; parks and open space; and activities, education, and jobs for youth. 

Skyway-West Hill - 2nd Survey - Economic Prosperity and Affordable Housing

Economic Prosperity and Affordability focuses on strategies to combat displacement, affordable housing, and revitalizing the Skyway Business District.

Skyway-West Hill - 2nd Survey - Culture, Art & Innovation

Culture, Art & Innovation includes of projects meant to develop a community filled with creativity, art and character that introduce people to new ideas, ways to communicate and modes of thinking. 

The First Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan and Community Needs List Survey (Now Closed)

Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan and Community Needs List Survey

Planning for the future of Skyway-West Hill. 

Project Scoping

July - November 2020

Identify community needs

Department Vetting

December 2020 - February 2021

King County Departments review Community Needs lists and establish draft workplans. 

Other Projects Happening in Skyway-West Hill

Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Anti-Displacement Strategies Report

Department of Community and Human Services and Department of Local Services are partnering on a study of concrete actions that King County can take to develop and retain affordable housing in Skyway-West...

October 2020: Anti-Displacement Virtual Workshop Series Launch

To read more about the workshop series visit our DCHS blog post!

August 2020: Anti-Displacement & Subarea Planning Phase II Projects Kick-Off!

Read a summary of community questions and feedback from our August 18 Kick-Off call here.

Learn about and provide direction on the North Highline and Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plans, Community Needs Lists, and Anti-Displacement Strategies Report. 

The Skyway West Hill Subarea Plan includes the community’s vision for the future and a series of neighborhood specific policies to guide decisions for the next 20-years.

The Community Needs List is a community-created list of services, programs and capital improvements projects that support the community’s vision. 

The short video below provides more detail.


Subarea Plan and Community Needs List Timeline

Past Planning Documents

1994 West Hill Community Plan

2016 Skyway-West Hill Action Plan

2020 Skyway-West Hill Land Use Strategy and Appendicies

Questions? Contact Kevin LeClair at [email protected]