Did you get my text?

So you’ve gone above and beyond to promote your public meetings, you’ve targeted neighborhoods on Facebook, and you’ve leveraged our meeting tools to foster productive dialog.

But are you sure you’ve reached the residents who need your project the most?

If you’re one of 60 million Americans who don’t have a smartphone or broadband internet, text messages are a lifeline to your community. (Pew)

Today, that lifeline is becoming a way to engage your community.

We’re excited to announce a new integration with an ‘old school’ medium — Text Messaging.

SMS Surveys deployed for transit riders

Same platform, another way to engage

Using Cityzen’s PublicInput.com platform, you can now add a text shortcode to any project, and deploy surveys in an automated ‘chat’ format.

Citizens responding by text will see the same questions as their online and in-meeting peers.

All the data in one place

Responses land in your central database, where you can aggregate them with Facebook comments, online survey comments, and responses from meetings.

Comment stream from teachers responding via online and text messaging

Broader audience, simpler process

This addition provides another pathway to expand accessibility and lower the barriers to participation.

In lowering these barriers, we’ve found that you’ll engage an even broader group of people without adding un-needed complexity to your public involvement process.

Curious to learn more?

Click here to get a demo at PublicInput.com

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