NAGC Session on Public Engagement and Governmental Branding

Public Engagement & Governmental Branding

Graham Stone, PublicInput VP of Government Relationships had the opportunity to share his insights at the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) 2022 Communications School.   

During the session, Graham shared with attendees how the process and scalability of local government’s public outreach, i.e., public engagement, helps government communicators build and promote their institution’s brand.  Here’s a quick summary in case you missed it:

Institutional Branding

Public opinion has a powerful impact on institutional branding as influencer and consumer. As the primary stewards of government information and communication, particularly when it involves social media, government communication managers, e.g. Public information Officers (PIOs) and Public Affairs Officers (PAOs), find themselves at the forefront of the public engagement process. 

Trust Building

Social media continues to consume more time and attention for PIOs/PAOs. Public comments shared in social networks, usually by anonymous sources, are a major challenge for government communicators and public perceptions. 

Public institutions today face transparency and trust challenges in their communities and in the news media like never before. Having greater awareness and insight into community sentiment and opinions shared through social media promotes better outcomes. The more order and structure that government communicators can build around public engagement as a dynamic part of our democracy helps to increase the positive impacts on public trust, community relations, and branding.

Social Media

Social media has redefined public engagement for the government. Its use to inform and communicate with the public has created multiple options and greater equity for resident input and feedback exceeding conventional comments received at formal council or project planning meetings. However, its lack of structure and third party ownership challenges government stewardship over the feedback and the data.  

Public comments received through social media positively and negatively impact your brand. Learning how to navigate, manage and respond to digital public engagement has the potential to strengthen community relations and your brand.  

Learn More

Want to learn more about how improving the quality of public engagement can build and strengthen your government’s and community’s brand? Schedule a chat to find out how to elevate your public engagement from a government activity to a government asset.

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