The PublicInput Platform™ adds a competitive edge to consultant-led projects by empowering consultants with industry leading technology that is based on public engagement best practices. Our platform enables consultants to save time and add value by rapidly deploying new projects in one centralized location and designed to generate data-driven insights. Leveraged by experienced consultants across US and Canada, PublicInput has helped consultants to win more business by managing data and relationships in one spot.

Reals results: Consultant Led Projects

Consultant firms are expanding the capacity of governments teams to reach the community and help to effectively deliver public goods and services.

Yehle & Associates

How Alaska DOT & Public Facilities’ all-virtual fair engaged 25X more residents than typical in-person fairs.

Check out the case study featuring PublicInput Certified Silver Partner, Yehle & Associates, and the amazing work they did using virtual tactics to engage rural residents with the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities.

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Software that helps consultants win

Through a project license your firm can save time and add a competitive edge to your projects by leveraging our powerful technology.

To get access all you need is a project license or the agency you’re working with can purchase an agency license and issue you a ‘seat’ on PublicInput.

Why You Can Win More Projects

Fast Deployment

Consultants can get started and have a project page and survey ready in less than a week.

Instant Reports

Generate graphic-based reports quickly. They can be continuously updated and shareable via a report specific URL.

Easy Management

Manage all data and community member relationships in one place.

Add Accessibility

The web-based software included both online and offline tools adding accessibility and equity to your efforts.
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A Few Things Consultants Say About PublicInput

“Through the software our clients have heard from residents and other stakeholders across a wide array of engagement activities, allowing thousands of them to contribute their ideas and concerns for the future. The platform’s seamless integration of the online and offline data has helped us analyze this feedback and glean meaningful insights quickly, giving our team more bandwidth to craft meaningful actions, tailored to our communities’ specific needs.”



Erik DeLine

AICP, P.P., H2M Associates

“Through use of the toolkit, DEA has engaged thousands of residents in planning projects, targeting hard-to-reach audiences through a variety of channels. Hearing from those voices, and cataloging their unique feedback has been critical in making informed decisions on behalf of Douglas County.”



Leah Langerman

Public Involvement Coordinator, David Evans & Associates

“The platform has been great to use [and] we are fulfilling the public participation plans, project over project. It is very easy to understand how many people were reached using which method, and to gather all the responses and comments in one location for reporting.”



Caroline Evans

Founding Principal, Blue Cypress Consulting

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.