Build a better community engagement experience to increase public trust.

Ensure accessibility, increase transparency, and improve credibility in the community with PublicInput’s Listen Plan, an affordable public engagement solution for small teams and teams with limited budgets.

Build public trust

Trusted by State and Local Governments

Rancho Cucamonga
Utah DOT
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See How the PublicInput Platform Helps Increase Community Engagement with Fewer Resources

With PublicInput’s Listen Plan, small teams and teams with limited budgets will be able to deliver a consistent, accessible, and predictable resident experience all while increasing operational efficiencies — it’s everything in one place for you and your residents.

Target Outreach

Target campaigns or pinpoint relevant notifications based on information gathered about residents that can only be developed when engagement and communications are managed from the same platform.

Gather Community Input

Centralize data and insights collected across all formats of engagement to ensure reports are accurate, comprehensive, and efficient to compile.

Ensure Equity and Representation

Standardize and ensure equitable opportunities to participate by deploying digital, analog, and in-person communication formats.

Streamline Reporting

Collate, filter, format, and automate reporting that combines a complete spectrum of communication formats.

The City of Virginia Beach Communication Department Expanded Their Reach by 800% with PublicInput

Tools to Empower You and Your Staff to Create Successful Community Engagement Projects

Reliable, equitable, and simple, our streamlined user interface gives you all the tools your staff or consultants need to create successful public engagement projects.

PublicInput Surveys
Community engagement surveys

Go Beyond the Standard Survey Experience

A variety of survey types to choose from will help you collect detailed information and insights from your community. Leverage templates and a drag & drop builder and quickly publish dynamic surveys, comment forms, or quick poll formats online. All results are automatically tabulated with PublicInput’s built-in reporting and data analysis tools.

→ See how the City of Raleigh, NC used the PublicInput survey and reporting features to collect and analyze respondent data all in one place.

PublicInput Meetings
Community engagement meetings

Meet Residents Where They Are with Inclusive Public Meetings

Schedule and host meetings, whether they are in-person, online, or a hybrid of the two. With our Meetings feature, all public meetings can be posted with public calendars and an embeddable RSVP button.

→ Read how the Harris County Flood Control District engaged more than 2,800 residents with the PublicInput virtual meetings feature.

PublicInput Projects
Community engagement projects

Build a Project, Quicker & Easier

Create projects, surveys, email campaigns, and meeting pages with just a few clicks of a button. No previous web design expertise is necessary; our drag and drop formatting and preview/draft options allow you to work on projects on the backend of the process before publishing your survey or campaign to the public.

As an additional feature, the template library offers a robust collection of projects and surveys to use as inspiration for your next initiative.

→See how Rancho Cucamonga, CA used an integrated communications strategy to inform, reach, and engage residents and stakeholders using the PublicInput platform.

PublicInput CRM
Customer Relationship Management

Centrally Manage Resident Contact Data

Store historical data over time and across projects. With built-in attribution, our system sorts and tracks participation data for you. Easily review or download your project, survey, or meeting participation data with a few clicks.

→ How King County, WA met the needs of a diverse population while informing a plan to protect public health by providing timely and accessible information to residents.

PublicInput reports
Community engagement reports

Quickly Report Results with Confidence

PublicInput’s real-time reports visualizes data in various formats, including maps, graphs, percentages, word clouds, metrics, and more. Our dynamic reports…
Add, remove, and filter questions shown to create unique reports that provide insight into your community.
Create a culture of transparency by extending real-time access to results and comments to your peers, stakeholders, or the public.
Allow you to create, edit, and share reports with stakeholders anytime.
Don’t require a 3rd party; all report creation stays within the PublicInput platform.

→ See how the City of Virginia Beach used the PublicInput to assess public sentiment to better understand resident preferences.

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PublicInput Listen Plan and Features

For small teams, organizations with a limited budget, or infrequent initiatives.

Online Community Engagement Portal
Multilingual and accessible surveys, interactive maps, and project websites.
Meetings and In-Person Community Engagement Tools
Meeting listing and registration, paper survey management, and support for tablets and kiosks.
Reporting and Data Analytics
Comprehensive report builder with data visualizations.
Resident Database (CRM)
A searchable resident database with a 360-degree view of both online and in-person interactions.
Geographic Analytics and Insights
Map participants with integrated geocoding and Geo-IP. Overlay participation with basic federal datasets.
Multi-Channel Communications
Engage your audience via phone, email, text, and social media.
Custom Domains and Links
Craft a unique user experience with custom links, domains, and navigation bars.
Public Meeting Management
Organize online meetings with speaker registration, automatic transcriptions, and targeted reminders. Manage voicemail inboxes, meeting comments, and automate reporting.
Targeted Email Outreach and Newsletters
Centralized email management, drag & drop email campaign builder, geo-targeted outreach, and automated email replies.
Advanced Segmentation and Equity Mapping
Advanced features such as CRM-backed subscriber segmentation and EPA EJScreen integrations.
Community Organization Manager
Store and track interactions and outreach through community groups.
GPT Comment Analysis Tool
Machine-assisted human translation and GPT-powered comment analysis & tagging.
Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics
Dive deep with multi-project reporting, advanced analytics, and cross-tabulation.
Custom Website Branding
Use HTML & CSS templates to seamlessly align with your brand and primary website.
Advanced Email Outreach
Leverage A/B testing, geographic subscriber segmentation, and extend campaigns to social media.
Enterprise Controls and Customization
Manage access with advanced permission management and tailor your resident database with custom CRM fields.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m not sure if the PublicInput Listen Plan is a good fit for my organization, are there other options?

The PublicInput Platform is designed to meet your organization where it is today, then scale to meet your needs as you evolve your engagement practice. We offer three plans with varying degrees of capabilities, designed to work for one or multiple departments and teams from 1 to 1000. Compare all three of our plans and pricing here.

What are some of the limitations of the Listen Plan?

The Listen Plan is for small teams, organizations with a limited budget, or infrequent initiatives. If you are interested in using only the most essential features to deliver a consistent, accessible, and predictable resident experience, this is the plan for you.

For organizations prioritizing representative feedback and data-driven decision making with frequent initiatives that often overlap, we typically recommend the Engage Plan for more engagement options, analysis and equity mapping tools, automated workflows, and enhanced multi-lingual support.

For organizations utilizing numerous point solutions to gather feedback and inform residents, we recommend the Engage Plus Plan to integrate disconnected engagement and communications solutions; to optimize investments for complex teams managing ongoing resident interactions; and to show statistically representative participation across hard-to-reach audiences and automate much of the analysis process.

To see plan features in an easy-to-read chart, check out the pricing page.

What kind of customer support does PublicInput provide?

New clients receive implementation support and training from our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Onboarding Manager will work with your organization and one of our Customer Service Managers (CSMs) to create an implementation and onboarding timeline.

PublicInput uses a combination of training methods, including an eLearning platform and training videos. Our support team is available from 9 am to 8 pm EST, Monday to Friday, including live support from our Customer Support Team. After-hours assistance is available as requested. During support hours, our team directly addresses any issues with registration, access issues, or functionality.

I’m interested in the Listen Plan. How do I get started?

If you have any questions about PublicInput plans or our product, please request a demo. We look forward to meeting with you!

Are you a current customer looking for our Customer Success team? Use the 24/7 chat bot in the bottom-right hand side of this page.

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.