Public Portal Redesign Works to Improve Resident Experience

State and local governments face a pressing challenge: fostering genuine community engagement while adapting to modern digital standards. PublicInput recognizes this need and has updated the Public Portal to prioritize simplicity and accessibility for residents, using a Human Centered Design approach to create experiences the public will find engaging, intuitive, and attractive.


The Vision Behind the Public Portal Redesign

Using modern design principles, PublicInput aims to create community engagement software that supports meaningful and inclusive public participation. The redesigned Public Portal:

    • Reflects the latest web design standards, creating a visual experience that will feel familiar to users of modern web applications.
    • Offers a user-friendly experience, improving how residents interact with the software.
    • Prioritizes accessibility to promote open and transparent government.

Original Public Portal

Public Portal Redesign

The Top Changes Customers Will Notice in the Public Portal

The Public Portal redesign introduces several key improvements to enhance resident experiences:

    • Improved Styling on Project and Meeting Cards: Important information stands out, making it easier for residents to find and engage with relevant content.
    • Modernized Design Kit: The portal has been refreshed to incorporate modern best practices and design standards, delivering a great user experience that feels familiar, intuitive, and digestible to your residents.
    • Neutral Color Schemes and Reduced Background Noise: These changes enhance readability, making the portal more accessible, especially for those with visual impairments.
    • More Customizable: The underlying framework has been upgraded to the ultra fast Bootstrap 5 library. This makes the portal easier to customize for organizations looking to match their brand and style guides.
    • More Widely Accessible: Bootstrap 5 is compatible with a wider array of screen readers and assistive technologies, ensuring access for all.
    • Improved Consistency in UI Elements: A consistent design enhances navigation and usability.

Original Public Portal

Public Portal Redesign

How Positive Resident Experiences Drive Engagement

The redesigned Public Portal delivers practical benefits for governments:

    • Improved Public Perception: Prioritizing resident experience builds trust in government, enhancing credibility and fostering positive public sentiment.
    • Increased Public Participation: An easier-to-use platform and improved accessibility encourage more community involvement, leading to more engaged residents.

Investing in the Public Portal redesign isn’t just about technology; it’s about investing in approaches that build trust and stronger relationships with communities.

Want to Learn More?

Not a current PublicInput customer but interested in learning more about how PublicInput drives resident engagement? Request a demo below. Or are you a current customer seeking more about this feature? Reach out to your customer success manager today!

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