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Today we’re excited to share some great coverage of Cityzen’s new partnership with EducationNC as part of the Reach NC Voices project.

In January, Cityzen began working with EducationNC and GroundSource to launch a platform called Reach NC Voices to conduct statewide outreach on important issues like child nutrition, education, and access to healthcare

Andrew Holton at the NC Center for Public Policy Research highlights how the partnership’s approach to target specific residents, start a conversation, and shorten the feedback loop between people and policy.

Reach NC Voices, as a platform and initiative, offers a unique opportunity to power EdNC and NCCPPR journalism and research and serve as the most robust civic engagement platform in North Carolina.

We’re excited about the potential for communities who invest in tools to improve the engagement cycle and with each successful feedback loop, build a bit more trust between people and the organizations that serve them:

This approach has seen breakthrough success in North Carolina. Tapping Cityzen’s integrated technology, Reach’s embedded chatbots and surveys have been viewed over 2 million times by over 500,000 North Carolinians, 33,000of whom have engaged by sharing 139,000 unique responses, comments, and stories. Reach continues to expand its outreach and is deepening its relationship with over 2,000 residents who have opted in to ongoing email and text dialog.

Read more at NC Public Policy Research:


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