Communication During Coronavirus: Webinars, Engagement Playbook & Turnkey Public Engagement Software

Public engagement efforts tend to follow a regular ebb and flow, but the arrival of COVID-19 is dramatically changing that. For organizations this crisis is unprecedented, and consistent communication with your community is critical.

Starting today, is throwing everything we’ve got at helping you prepare and respond to this challenge.

Community Resources

  1. The Success Team has created an interactive COVID-19 Engagement Playbook, complete with messaging templates, landing page templates, and survey templates – so you can quickly deploy best practices.
  2. We’ve been hosting live webinars and trainings on communication during coronavirus, including how to take your public meetings online. Those webinar records are available here.

Open Access To Communications Cloud & Virtual Meeting Toolkit

Effective Monday, March 16 – and for the following 45 days

Current partners: We are opening up our Communications Cloud (integrated email campaigns, text message alerts, and targeted social media outreach) to all customers, regardless of license.

If your organization is not a current partner: Our team is reallocating our resources and staff capacity to offer a turnkey engagement solution set at P-Card levels.

  1. Virtual meetings module to take meetings online, with integrations for Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
  2. An online engagement hub for public meetings, subscriber alerts signup, and the latest communications.
  3. Ready-to-go landing pages for a preparedness quiz, public health pledge, and subscriber alerts signup.

These tools can be deployed same-day with a fixed rate of $799/month for a single department with up to 5 system administrators. All set-up and training can be conducted on a brief kickoff call. Get started here.

The benefits of the Communications Cloud are also available at a provisional rate, and a quick quote can be provided based on estimated volume of emails, texts, and paid social media promotion.

Announcing Virtual Meeting Tools: Integrated Live Stream, Webinars & Screen sharing

In light of the coronavirus, government organizations are finding themselves in a new landscape when it comes to public engagement. Local, regional, and state governments face two major challenges:

  1. How can we keep key public processes in place if we can’t hold meetings?
  2. How can we communicate quickly and consistently with residents with pertinent information related to COVID-19?
  1. Multiple remote presenters and unlimited attendees
  2. Screen sharing for presentations
  3. Easy, no-login access for the general public
  4. Real-time comments and questions using the engagement hub

As always, you can chat with us here on our website or schedule a quick call with the success team through Calendly here.

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