24 Google Translate Languages Added to Expand Community Engagement Accessibility

Google Translate Languages

Expanded Language Accessibility for Community Engagement and Public Comment

We are excited to announce a new enhancement to PublicInput’s language capabilities with the integration of 24 new languages. This expansion aims to facilitate broader community engagement by breaking down language barriers and ensuring that all residents, regardless of their native language, can actively participate in surveys, meetings, and discussions.

New Languages Added

  1. Assamese   13. Lingala
  2. Aymara   14. Luganda
  3. Bambara   15. Maithili
  4. Bhojpuri   16. Meiteilon (Manipuri)
  5. Dhivehi   17. Mizo
  6. Dogri   18. Oromo
  7. Ewe   19. Quechua
  8. Guarani   20. Sanskrit
  9. Ilocano   21. Sepedi
  10. Konkani   22. Tigrinya
  11. Krio   23. Tsonga
  12. Kurdish (Sorani)   24. Twi



Language Accessibility Benefits for Residents

Residents can now access the expanded language options to:

    • Translate online surveys
    • Review public meeting minutes and transcripts
    • Enable live public meeting captions
    • Translate web pages
    • Translate email content
    • Submit public comments *

*Public Comments submitted in alternate languages are automatically detected and translated in the PublicInput platform to English for administrative evaluation. 

Learn more about meeting transcripts and live captioning.


Language Accessibility Benefits for PublicInput Admins

State and local government administrative users will be able to expand their language accessibility and use these languages to:

    • Translate survey questions*
    • Translate meeting transcripts*
    • Translate web page content*
    • Translate text message surveys*

*Accounts with access to “last mile translation” can enable admins or contract translators to refine machine-translated content for accuracy and cultural relevance using the custom link builder.  

Learn more about using these languages for admin purposes.


Want to Learn More?

Not a current PublicInput customer but interested in learning more about PublicInput’s features and capabilities? Request a demo below.  Or are you a current customer seeking more about this feature? Reach out to your customer success manager today!

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