Caltrans Selects PublicInput to Boost Public Engagement

Caltrans LogoRaleigh, North Carolina – November 27, 2023

PublicInput, a leading provider of public engagement and communications software for government, has been selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as the platform behind its Caltrans Public Engagement System (CPES) initiative. Caltrans’ implementation of the platform represents the outset of a centralized process for public involvement in transportation planning and project development across the state.

State governments are rapidly moving towards a data-centric approach to engagement and communication with the public. With data sharing recognized as a top technology trend, and cybersecurity an even higher priority, this approach improves operational efficiency while increasing public trust in the process. 

“The federal government’s emphasis on equitable engagement underscores the need to adopt data-centric strategies.” stated Graham Stone, co-founder and Vice President of Government Relationships at PublicInput. “Without the PublicInput Platform and a commitment to this approach, benchmarks for public participation would simply remain out of reach. Caltrans has made a significant stride in this direction through the Caltrans Public Engagement System (CPES) project, and we are thrilled to be the software behind this transformative initiative.”

The CPES Project: Enhancing Public Engagement

CPES is a collaborative initiative spanning multiple divisions within Caltrans, aiming to enhance public engagement through the use of an online public engagement software platform. Caltrans manages numerous projects concurrently and strives to conduct meaningful, inclusive, and equitable engagement. The implementation of CPES will make public engagement processes more continuous and transparent from planning through project delivery. It will provide better efficiency and consistency in data management and in the ability to report and measure the input received from the community.

What Californians Can Expect to See

In addition to internal efficiencies, the implementation of PublicInput empowers residents and stakeholders by providing an accessible and user-friendly means for learning about projects that may affect them and for submitting their comments, preferences, and ideas. Accessibility is improved through features such as live-streamed public meetings, phone and text message communications, and modernized reporting to enhance transparency and decision-making. The platform also captures trends in public sentiment, providing valuable insights to aid in making equitable decisions.

About PublicInput

PublicInput was founded in 2014 by Raleigh transportation engineer Jay Dawkins and planning consultant Graham Stone, and is trusted by hundreds of clients across the U.S. and Canada to provide a unified software platform for cities, counties, and state agencies to inform and engage with residents. The company’s mission is to connect government agencies with the communities they serve and facilitate more representative decision-making. 

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