Five Ways to Increase Community Engagement Reach with SMS Text

Informed and Engaged: A Recipe for Success with SMS Text

A well-informed and actively engaged community is the ultimate goal of any state or local government working to build public trust.   Whether it is delivering information or soliciting input, the methods by which residents are reached can make all the difference.  

Whether working with residents in remote rural areas with digital deserts (areas with limited or absent infrastructure to support online connectivity) or densely populated urban environments, text messaging can serve as one of the primary modes of communication for state and local governments.   

Five Benefits of SMS Text for Community Engagement 

Broad reach and increased inclusivity has never been easier with text messaging.  Offering  unmatched instant communication for quick updates, notifications, and reminders, SMS text messaging encourages two-way communication when paired with tools like interactive polls and surveys.

Here are few more benefits associated with using text messaging for community engagement:

1. Increased Accessibility: Text messaging supports residents with accessibility features like text-to-speech, making information more widely available to people with visual impairments or low literacy.

2. Language Access: Sending text messages in multiple languages caters to diverse communities who may otherwise be limited by language barriers.

3. More Community Input: Collecting input through quick surveys and polls via text messaging means more input funneling into the decision making process. 

4. Increased Agility: Text messaging simplifies the process of quickly disseminating emergency information, updates, and notices to residents.

5. Targeted Outreach: Combined with segmentation, text messaging can be used to target personalized communications based on resident preferences and engagement history.

Above Image: Use PublicInput’s SMS text campaigns to reach participants who might not have reliable access to Wi-Fi or a personal computer

Want to learn more about how your community can expand their reach while addressing  accessibility barriers?   Explore our platform or get a demo today!

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