Innovators Wanted: Now accepting beta partners for ‘Mayor Mode’

At, we’ve been quietly working on a solution to one of the most common issues we hear:

How do I report on things to the city manager? And what about these curious council members?

To that end, we’re excited to announce a new functionality called ‘Mayor Mode’ that’s rolling out today in closed beta on our platform.

We’re keeping this beta so we can focus our effort and attention on a handful of users interested in developing a dashboard for their stakeholders — such as the mayor, council, or city manager.

What is it, exactly?

At its core, Mayor Mode is an aggregate reporting dashboard that can be tailored and made accessible to specific stakeholders.

The early version focuses on a handful of key metrics:

    • Social Media Impressions & Interactions
    • Engagement over time
    • Online Participants
    • Social Media Activity
    • Meeting Attendance (via Kiosk & Meeting mode)
    • Map of Participant locations
    • Top Survey Questions & results
    • Top comments from residents

These can be segmented by time and department conducting the outreach.

‘Mayor Mode’ for a state transportation agency we work with

Who can use this?

This can be tailored for specific stakeholders, but we’re first thinking about the stakeholders you primarily report to — i.e. City Managers, council members, and of course the mayor.

It’s designed to allow you to extend access to specific individuals via their verified email address. We also realize these stakeholders aren’t necessarily the most tech-savvy individuals, so you can also extend access using a unique access code.

How can I access it?

If you’re currently a customer, this is a menu item that our team can enable for you on the backend — just let us know at or

If you’re not currently a customer, you can still check it out via a GoToMeeting web demo. Fill out the demo form and we’ll get you setup!

What comes next?

That’s the fun part. Because this is beta, and clients can enroll as beta partners, we’re going to evolve and improve Mayor Mode to meet your specific needs. Want to include email stats? Sure thing. Need more granularity? We can do that.

The direction of Mayor Mode, as with all we do at PublicInput, is in your hands. Together we can better connect decision-makers to the people they serve, and when that happens, communities win.

Get a free demo of Mayor Mode

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