Introducing Kiosk Mode

Human interaction with government has taken many forms over the years, no pun intended.

Whether town hall meetings, petitions, hand-written letters, social media, online forums, and the dreaded paper form — conveying information from citizens to leaders is no simple task.

At, our focus has been tying together the many input channels into one dashboard to simplify the process for both citizens and agencies.

It’s in that effort to streamline the integration of offline with online that we’re excited to announce ‘Kiosk Mode’ today.

The problem, and inspiration

The realization hit us square in the face while working on a large highway improvement project. Our client setup a sign-in screen for attendees that displayed a Microsoft Access Form, which a staff member filled out from a laptop:

Our client’s home-grown sign in tool — the inspiration for kiosk mode

It dawned on us that although we provided in-meeting voting and tablet-based surveys, the actual meeting sign-in processwas still relegated to paper forms and spreadsheets.

Watching the time-consuming effort required to collect participant information and difficulty reconciling it with their online records showed us a real problem worth solving. Why is that important?

When offline data is locked away in spreadsheets separate from your online data, silos form and clarity is harder to come by.

How solves it

Example meeting sign-in screen deployed via tablet.

Kiosk Mode is a participant-facing meeting sign-in screen and survey interface.

It’s designed for touch-screen devices deployed in public places or meetings.

All sign-ins and responses are automatically checked against your participant database and synchronized with your online survey and participation data.

With that synchronization in place, you can seamlessly analyze participation and comments in one central hub, as well as report top-level metrics.

Not just for iPads!

Kiosk Mode is effective on any touch-enabled device (and even laptops in a pinch). Here it is at the 3CMA Conference in Anaheim on the iPad’s versatile cousin, the Chromebook:

Kiosk Mode on the Chromebook we raffled off at 3CMA 2017 — congrats to winner Derrick Silas of Enid, OK!

See it for yourself

The kiosk screen is fully customizable from the new Kiosk Admin interface on your project page. If you’d like to see it in action and learn more about integration, get a demo today!

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