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Measurable Equity Starts Here

You work hard to make sure your public engagement efforts are equitable.

    • Before your project’s public participation outreach begins, you try to anticipate the needs of your community. Where should your limited resources go, and what would be most beneficial to your residents?
    • During your project, you take the steps to make your outreach equitable. You add a phone bridge to your virtual public meetings for those residents without Internet access. You conducted public engagement outreach in multiple languages and bring in American Sign Language interpreters to ensure ADA compliance.
    • After your outreach, you focus in on the analysis and reporting of your equitable outreach efforts and ensure that your project has fulfilled NEPA regulations.

But sometimes, even despite your best efforts, you’re left wondering whether your engagement is truly equitable and if your most underrepresented populations are being heard.
Does this sound familiar?
Now, you can alleviate those worries with data-backed proof. With one click, you can ensure your outreach efforts are equitable all without leaving the PublicInput.com platform.  View more information on the Environmental Data Module page here.

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