NCHRP Project “Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Strategies for Future Success” To Enter Next Phase of MPO Outreach

Information Forums will be open to all MPOs and partners to participate in nationwide research project. The first forum, on micromobility, has been announced: RSVP here.

February 9, 2021

Washington, D.C.: The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) is launching the next phase of NCHRP 08-122, “Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Strategies for Future Success”, carried out by Metro Analytics.

The objective of this research is to develop a comprehensive resource to inform and guide the evolving roles and functions of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in partnership with their key stakeholders for the 21st century.

Beginning with a Literature Review, the initial phase included direct outreach to MPOs, asking participants to complete surveys, created and distributed by, that indicated several topics of concern:

    1. The MPO Role in Financing Projects and Using All Funds Effectively
    2. Collaboration/Engagement with Public, Stakeholders, Officials
    3. Staff Capacity, including Number and Technical Proficiency
    4. Collaboration with Regional Partners
    5. Changing Demographics, Lifestyle Trends, and Travel Patterns
    6. Changes presented by Technology

To address the challenges that MPOs identified in Phase I, the second, and final, phase of this project will broadcast virtual forums called Information Forums to provide information, targeted specifically to MPOs, to enhance their products, partnerships, and processes. Topics include:

    1. Integrating micromobility into plans
    2. Funding/financing strategies for projects and programs
    3. Staff attraction and retention
    4. Planning for social, economic, and environmental resiliency
    5. Integrating technology into MPO practice
    6. Land use shifts
    7. Engagement in the time of COVID-19, and beyond
    8. Social equity

This first forum is focused on Micromobility strategies. The Information Forum is scheduled for February 17th at 3:00pm Eastern, registration is open now*.

About the Micromobility Forum

Our 90-minute session will begin with three brief presentations from each of our Panelists, then jump into your questions for our Panel of three leaders in the micromobility space.

    • Calli Cenizal, Senior Manager, Government & Transit Programs at Lyft Corporation will present information on public partnerships with TNC companies to enhance mobility options (learn more)
    • Andy Boenau is a mobility strategist who produces the podcasts How We Get Around and Urbanism Speakeasy (more from Andy here)
    • Crissy Ditmore, Principal with The Spartan Edge Consulting LLC uses mobility on demand and mobility as a service strategies to ensure the public good is maximized through the application of technology to enable policy (more about Crissy here)

*Information Forums are free and open to any member of a MPO or partnering agency. RSVP is not required. Dates, times, and details will be announced as the Information Forums are organized.

The NCHRP process is designed to maximize efficiency while producing the highest quality research results.These results will help effectively plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain the surface transportation network while keeping workers and the traveling public safe, providing or improving mobility, and contributing to the economic vitality of communities and the nation.

About Metro Analytics
Metro Analytics provides transportation and economic consulting, research, and advisory services for public and private entities seeking innovative solutions to transformational questions relating to the future of transportation. Metro Analytics serves research and consulting clients throughout the United States, and is currently the prime consultant leading four major NCHRP efforts. We analyze mobility problems and create scenarios to reduce delay, increase use of alternative modes, reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled, enhance economic competitiveness, and create “Places.” Metro Analytics brings staff with a combination of national passenger and freight research leadership as well as planning and implementation tools across all modes of transportation.

About is a public involvement and communications software on a mission to make collaborative democracy more successful through technology. Founded in 2014, is the operating system for government to communicate, listen, and make informed decisions, and is utilized in communities ranging in size from 600 residents to 1M+. Through one dashboard, gives organizations the tools needed to reach a representative sample of residents, increase equitable engagement, capture meaningful data, report findings, and comply with any state or federal mandates.


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