What’s New: Public Portal Calendar View

Open government prioritizes transparency, accessibility, and communication. To make this easier, PublicInput offers the Public Portal feature with the new calendar view option to help residents visualize upcoming community meetings and events. The Public Portal Calendar View is designed to provide a quick overview of things that are happening in the community during a given time, including multi-day events.

The calendar is designed as a secondary view to the existing list of Meetings & Events – the list is not replaced but rather a calendar view has been added.

From the calendar, residents are able to click to view more details about the meeting, including the description, location, and joining information (for a virtual meeting).

Watch this video for a quick overview of the PublicInput Calendar View and discover how it is a great way to display community events, be those boards, councils or commissions, or even public events.

Leverage the Public Portal Calendar View for your next meeting or event.

For more details, request a walkthrough with your Customer Success Manager

Not a PublicInput customer but interested in learning more about this feature? Request a demo.

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