What’s New: PublicInput Expands North American Reach with the Launch of PublicInput.ca

PublicInput.ca website

We are excited to announce a significant step forward in our support for open and equitable community engagement in Canada. Canada’s multicultural landscape is home to rich demographic diversity spanning various age groups, ethnicities, languages, and regions. With a considerable number of residents identifying as immigrants, PublicInput is a strong supporter of their ongoing need for inclusive and comprehensive community engagement strategies.

A New Domain

As part of our commitment to support this strategy, PublicInput has invested in a dedicated Canadian website domain (publicinput.ca). This move ensures that government data pertinent to Canadian users is securely stored on servers physically located within the country. This not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also exemplifies a commitment to data sovereignty, an essential aspect in the contemporary landscape of digital governance.

More Than Geography

PublicInput’s expansion into Canada not only signifies geographic growth but also symbolizes a commitment to serving the diverse and dynamic Canadian population. The dedication to compliance with Canadian regulations, coupled with an understanding of the country’s demographic landscape, positions PublicInput as a valuable partner for Canadian government agencies seeking to connect more effectively with their communities.

Are you a Canadian government agency looking for an inclusive and comprehensive community engagement solution?  

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