Texting Messaging: Reach Residents On-the-Go

Text messaging has proven to be a highly impactful method for reaching the busy public, specifically low-income, minority, and rural communities.

Adding the power of text messaging to your public engagement:

  • Instant, two-way communication
  • Synchronized with all your communications and engagement tactics
  • All input and communication is integrated into a Resident Database


Outbound text messaging cuts through the clutter and directly engages residents with critical messages.

Use custom signup keywords to segment residents into groups like route number or geographic location, and automatically create subscriber lists stored in your Resident Database.

Use those lists to send outbound messages to residents with alerts, project updates, or opportunities to offer feedback.


Text message surveys create an on-the-go, equitable experience — just like being at a public meeting or participating in an online survey. Ask survey questions and collect comments, which are combined side-by-side with survey responses and comments received from other engagement tactics.

Case Study: NCDOT Ferry Long Range Plan

Physical presence + virtual engagement

NCDOT placed signage on all their ferries asking for input, with an option to text-in or visit a website on mobile. Their initial campaign effort garnered 6.9K responses from over 900 participants, 13% of which chose to engage via text message.

Synchronized communication and long-term data storage

By leveraging their PublicInput.com Resident Database, NCDOT aggregates information instantly, whether collected via text, email, online, or even a public meeting.

By collecting phone numbers and email addresses, NCDOT can close the feedback loop.  Follow up communication receives incredibly high interest from residents, with email open rates as high as 50%.

Bring it all together with PublicInput.com

An all-in-one public engagement and communication platform that gives government organizations the power to hear from, listen to, and understand every corner of the community.

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.